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The Secrets to Law of Attraction for Recruiting in Network Marketing

So how are you growing your business? Are you talking to everyone you know, and getting shut down in the blink of an eye? Do you have in home meetings that last for 3 hours and all that ends up happening is you go through two pots of coffee and some bite sized cookies?

Maybe it’s time for you to change? I know people don’t like change, and people don’t like anything that can cause discomfort. This is why only a small percentage of work from home (MLM and Network Marketing included) entrepreneurs ever achieve the success they crave! They have the attitude to move forward and change when they must!

Now there are various methods for growing your business on the Internet today. The latest concept is that of attraction marketing. It uses the Law of Attraction for Network Marketing and MLM prospecting and recruiting. The Law of Attraction simply put is….you are a living magnet. There is no training that will teach you these basic principles for improving your leadership skills. However, they are very useful for an Internet Network Marketing or MLM consultant for increasing his/her new business partners. Which in turns grows the business.

You may have begun your Internet Network Marketing or MLM career for a number of personal reasons. The main reason why, probably like most, is to earn a constant flow of income that you can rely on. So the greater number of new business partners or customers you have, the more you will earn. So how do you go about employing the Law of Attraction in your Internet Network Marketing or MLM prospecting?

The first thing you must do for generating good leads is build a friendly relationship with them. Nobody likes to be bugged by desperate marketers that just want to sign them up. You must relationship and friendship by generating a common ground. What does your lead enjoy doing, do they have a family like you, do they have hobbies. Asking the right questions creates sympathy and understanding which is a big part of the law of attraction for Internet Network Marketing and MLM prospecting. When you put attraction principles and pre-selling together, it will develop more of the KNOW LIKE and TRUST in your prospect and is a wonderful mix for MLM recruiting practices.

Pre-selling acts as a foundation for actually finding leads that are looking for you. If you start a phone call, online video or email letter in a sales pitch kind of way, praising and persuading the network marketing opportunity or your product and services, your potential new business partner or customer will definitely turn off their listening capabilities so in the end you’ve wasted your time.

Never lead a call, video or email with your self, your company or the products that you are selling. The secret behind effectively using the principles of the law of attraction is to focus on the prospect’s desires and goals.

Please understand…..this isn’t new stuff. Let me explain….Have you ever been to a party or get together, where you see a person with a crowd around them? Of course you have. They are telling jokes, or stories and people are drawn to them. They are a magnet! They are using attraction marketing and they may not even know it. These are the types of people you want to be around. Attraction Marketing comes natural to some, and must be learned by others.

Asking the right questions is the key!

You must get an idea of the most important desires of your prospect period! Grab their attention by letting them know about the training and coaching that they would get free of cost by being part of your team. This way you can squeeze numerous leads through your MLM prospecting in to your funnel. Since they are attracted to your style of marketing, chances are high that they will choose you as the partner in their new business enterprise.

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Marketing at Christmas

Wow I still can’t believe how quickly 2009 flew by. Only 2 days left until Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! Are you ready? I mean really ready?

With Christmas in the air, I know I’ll cause some people to roll their eyes and move on because the thought of the approaching silly season can be a little too much for many. I’m OK with Christmas. I actually enjoy giving. I love how people are so polite this time of year, and I get excited seeing the excitement mounting in my children as the wonderful day approaches. I know Christmas has become commercialized in the eyes of so many, but I’m going to take a chance and hope that for many of you, this is the time of year when we start to put our thoughts and hopes for marketing campaigns in 2010 down on paper, while reflecting on the year that was and how we could have all done things better.

With this in mind, I would like to get everyone thinking about your Christmas wish lists as marketers, if you have a small or home based business. It’s not as fun as jotting down your personal wish list and handing it to your business partner or associate, but it’s a nice way to think about the New Year and the important tasks that ensures 2010 will see you and your team make vast improvements to your tactics and realign strategies to fit current business goals. It can also be a highly rewarding and perceptive exercise to conduct with those you work with and your team members if you are in the Network Marketing or MLM arena. Use it as a chance to brainstorm and collect important feedback on the year’s progress – you’ll be surprised at how useful a little reflection can be.

Alright, back to the wish list!

Once you’ve had time to reflect and gather your thoughts about campaigns and strategies from the past, then you can begin your wish list for 2010. I’ve decided to share a couple of common marketing wishes below for everyone to consider and if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this blog. Any marketer willing to share their own wish list for 2010 can do so by leaving a comment as well. No need for massive detail if you can’t be bothered, but wouldn’t it be good to see how your dreams (needs) and goals (wants) compare with industry colleagues? A lot has happened in the last 12 to 18 months, so go on… jot down your thoughts, leave a comment, and let’s see where people’s priorities lie for the New Year 2010.

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Attitude is Everything

There once was a man who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed he had only three hairs on his head. Well,” he said, “I think I’ll slick my hair back today?” So he did and he had a fantastic day.

The next day he woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that he had only two hairs on his head. “WOW,” he said, “I think I’ll part my hair down the middle today?” So he did and he had a wonderful day.

The next day he woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that he had only one hair on his head. “Well,” what a difficult decision he said, “I guess today I’m going to wear my hair in a pony tail.” So he did and he had an incredible day.

The next day he woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn’t a single hair on his head. “Awesome!” he exclaimed, “I don’t have to fix my hair today!”

Attitude is Everything!

What you think on the inside will present itself on the outside. If you find yourself surrounded by chaos, negativity, and drama you may want to follow these suggestions below to attract peace, harmony, and success into your life.

    Every morning before your feet hit the floor choose to say “Good morning world” instead of “Ahhhh Man it’s morning again.” Start your day with gratitude and you will receive blessings throughout your day.

    Smile, walk tall, and greet people with a warm hello. Act confident and self assured and soon you will no longer have to play the role, your subconscious mind will make it a real part of who you are.

    Look in the mirror, right into your eyes, and say out loud and with conviction. “I love myself. I am valuable. I respect myself. I look good. I am handsome. I am beautiful” Love, value, and respect yourself and others will do the same. Affirmations are a powerful thing!

    Laugh often and everyday. Laughter has many health benefits, one being the release of stress and tension. It’s hard to frown when you are laughing.

    Avoid negative self talk. When a negative thought enters your mind immediately say “cancel, cancel” and/or wear a thick rubber band around your wrist (a friend of mine does this and she says it works great) and every time you have a negative thought give yourself a good snap with the rubber band. Always replace the negative thought with a positive one. Ask yourself this question, “If my best friend talked to me the way I talk to myself would they be my best friend?”

    Before retiring for the night listen to something positive, better yet listen to it while you sleep. There are many sleep patterns throughout the night and your subconscious mind will record what it is hearing.

    And finally, while you will not change your attitude and thoughts overnight continue taking consistent, persistent action and you will wake up one morning truly smiling as you realize your life is filled with peace, harmony and success.

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Frostbite – Be Careful, Know the Dangers

Living in Northern Ontario Canada allows us to have the best of all the seasons. In the summer we deal with heat and high humidity, and in the winter deep cold and dryness. So I thought I should share some information I know about frostbite. If you have to spend any time outdoors during the deep cold season, then pay attention because frostbite can sneak up on you or your loved ones very quickly.

We have to deal with it until mid to late February…..what about you?

Ok, frostbite can be defined, in its most severe stage, as when your fingers and toes freeze and have to be cut off because of gangrene. Wow, talk about drastic. Well, this is the extreme, but it can happen. I hope my niece who is in her last year of medical school, doesn’t correct me on my medical jargon….. :)

Being frostbitten is serious and can happen quickly even when the actual temperature is above freezing. Wind chill or rapid movement through cold air (skiing, snowmobiling, and the like) can create a freezing effect on exposed skin, and the result is frostbite. I remember going ice fishing (which I used to do quite regularly…yep cutting a hole in the ice on a lake and putting a line in the water to catch fish. This is a past time in the north….however I don’t do it in -40 degree temperatures anymore) any way, one of the gentlemen with us had his visor on his helmet opened during the half hour snowmobile ride and received serious frostbite to his cheeks.

Frostbite occurs when body tissue is injured by exposure to intense cold for a period of time, and circulation slows or stops. Usually the extremities….fingers, toes, and ears are first affected, but the nose, cheeks, hands, and feet are also susceptible to frostbite. This is accelerated if the body parts are wet (or even moist) and nothing is done to re-warm them and restore circulation.

If the condition is allowed to persist for any length of time, ice crystals can actually form in the cells of the tissue. I mean think about that….. :(

At the first sign of this condition, get out of the cold, drink something hot, and slowly warm the affected areas with warm (not hot) water. Frostbitten flesh should not be rubbed. However, in order to improve the circulation, the temperature of the affected tissue must rise.

In severe cases of frostbite, victims will develop blisters on the frostbitten areas. Do not break the blisters. In this state, the skin will probably appear gray or white, and the need for medical assistance is immediate. Gangrene can result. This is when a victim has the potential of irreversible damage that can lead to amputation.

In the case of severe frostbite, the “immersion method” of treatment is the most effective. Place the affected extremity in water maintained at slightly more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This should continue until the affected area is completely thawed and normal color returns. I must warn you though…..I’ve heard that this thawing period will usually bring incredible pain and severe tingling. So grab a piece of leather or bullet to bite down on you’ll need it….. :) Elevating the affected area can assist with reducing these sensations until the circulation has been restored.

The sooner the warming process is started for a frostbite victim, the less chance of permanent damage being done. Actually, as soon as any frostbite symptom occurs, seek medical attention if at all possible.

Of course, this is easier said than done if you are out in the elements. That’s when you should seek cover under an evergreen tree and build a warming fire.

For any of us who might have had a mild case of frostbite to the ears and fingers—at any time in our lives—the burning and itching sensations have a tendency to recur when these same areas are again subjected to the cold (or even heat). Ear and finger exposure to intense cold is painful (I speak from experience).

There are three stages of frostbite. The first is a redness of the skin, along with pain and a stinging sensation. The second is when numbness sets in. The last and most dangerous stage is when the tissue itself begins to freeze.

Please don’t avoid frostbite…prevent it!

Common sense is the key. Frostbite should not be taken lightly, and children should understand the possibilities because they will just keep playing outside and won’t realize anything is happening. So education is key.

Layering your winter clothing, and making sure your ears are covered is essential. You can work wonders with ear muffs, a scarf or one of those really cool trapper’s hats with the sides that flop down over your ears. In below-freezing weather, shield your cheeks and nose as well.

To protect your fingers, make sure you have good gloves or mittens. The tips of the fingers are usually the first to feel the burning sensation of frostbite. Warm, dry socks are needed to insulate your toes and feet, and make sure your footwear is waterproof. When selecting your clothing, remember wool is the only fabric that keeps you warm even when it’s wet.

Whenever venturing into situations where the danger of extreme cold and frostbite exists; there are four essential items to bring along.

1. Always carry an extra pair of gloves
2. An extra pair of warm socks
3. A ski mask
4. A supply of waterproof matches or a dependable lighter.
5. Portable heating pads that are sealed in plastic that break up to create heat.

Building a warming fire could save a life. These items can be essential in warding off the possibility of frostbite if you find yourself in the wrong outdoor situation.

Oh….and a little hot chocolate on a wintry day is always a good idea even if you aren’t suffering frostbite. Just ask any child….they’ll tell you it’s the best way to warm up after an outdoor skating or sliding expedition.

So have fun outside, and be safe.

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Are You The Cause of Your Marketing Success or Failure?

Ya right….you could never be the cause of your failure in Network Marketing, MLM or Internet Marketing? Who would do that? Well, you’d be surprised how many small business owners think they are effectively marketing their business, when in fact they are cutting their own throats.

Sure, they may be pulling in leads or customers. And yes, they may be writing a regular blog post so they are perceived as an expert in their industry. And yes, they may be using Google Adwords to get high rankings. And yes, they may be using a front end funded proposal. And yes, they are using video marketing, autorepsonders and they may even be doing a pretty good job of marketing on a regular basis to their email list.

So…..if they are doing all of these things “right,” how are they causing failure? Let me just list a few of the ways small business owners unknowingly cause failure when trying to attain success.

1. They Haven’t Taken The Time To Develop A Solid Marketing Plan

    A plan focuses your efforts and allows you to make the most of your marketing budget. Unfortunately, you can market without a plan. Yes, you read that right. You can do it, and people do market without marketing plans everyday.

    But that does not mean you should. To make the most of your marketing efforts and budget, make sure you take the time each year to create a plan. This is a perfect time of year to do just that!

2. They Don’t Have Written Goals

    This is HUGE! Smart business owners have written goals and objectives for what they deserve to achieve with their business and for each of their marketing activities. I know this sounds b-o-r-i-n-g, but it’s a fact.

    There is proof that people who put their goals into writing have a higher success rate than those who do not. Plus, how can you develop a plan if you don’t have concrete objectives? You must have a clear vision and target to aim for. You can’t possibly determine what marketing or how much marketing you require if you don’t know what you are aiming for.

3. They Have A Short-Term Attitude. (Especially Network Marketers)

    They are reactive in nature, and while on the surface it appears they are doing a lot of marketing, they are not doing anything consistently or long enough to make an impact. Running an ad or sending out your newsletter a few times and giving up when you don’t get immediate results are worse than doing nothing at all.

    How so? Because at least when you do nothing it doesn’t cost you any money. Pulling the plug too soon costs you money. And statistics show it takes somewhere between three and 10 exposures to a message for the average consumer to notice it and take action. So it is quite possible your audience was just beginning to take notice right about the time you threw in the towel!

4. They Don’t Know Their USP

    Probably the worst way business owners cause marketing failure, without even realizing it, is to NOT have a clear Unique Selling Point (USP). The greatest marketing plan in the world won’t be effective if you have not clearly defined why someone should buy your products or services instead of all the other products or services available to them.

    If you have not figured out what is unique about your product or service or what the benefits are….you MUST! By understanding this you will an advantage and be able to, in a compelling way, communicate this in everything you do. Otherwise you’ll be marketing until you’re blue in the face and you will be wasting your time and your money.

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Comfortable Versus Complicated

There is a common statistic in Network Marketing that says 80% of your income will come from about 20% of your “marketing base”, where “marketing base” includes your own personal efforts. Now you’re probably wondering, “what about the other 80% of your marketing base?” And what about the marketing base of the person who introduced you, do you fall into the 20% or the 80%?

Here’s an interesting question…..Why is it that people are so willing to work for someone else for 30-40 years and retire broke, yet they won’t give up silly stuff like TV or golf for a year or two so they can start a business that will let them retire years and even decades earlier? That’s what I thought….you don’t get it either!

There is a statistic published by the US Federal Government which says that 95% of people retire broke or nearly broke. Did you really GET that — 95%! And the scary part of this statistic is that it has remained virtually unchanged for decades….Ugg!

Is it because we’ve never overcome that teenage mentality…”it can’t happen to me”! Similar to when we advise our teenagers about driving over the speed limit, using seat belts, and making preparations for their future? Most teenagers seem to be firmly convinced that they are indestructible and that “bad luck” is what happens to other people but not them. You know what I mean right?

Maybe the good intentions are there….but then why are so many people so eager to join every two-bit scam that they read about, as opposed to taking the time to learn one solid business well enough to grow it into something real for themselves? Ahhh thought you would never ask for my opinion……here it is. Most people believe they can get more out of life, but are unwilling to invest the time and effort into making that belief a reality. So Why is it that couples are both working, maybe one or both of them working two jobs, and still not able to get ahead? It’s because although they may be working harder, they are not working smarter which is the key. They say that they’d love to work just one job or work from home and allow the other spouse to stay home and raise their kids, but it’s just lip service. And Why is it that people put so much stock in something that somebody else says that might be a negative comment about their business?

Alright….are you getting it? Here’s a good example….

If you went to Hollywood to become an actor or actress, who of the following people would you take advice from…..

    1. Somebody who never tried acting but heard that it couldn’t be done.

    2. Somebody who tried acting but after 1 or 2 bit parts didn’t make millions so decided that it couldn’t be done.

    3. Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, or Clint Eastwood

Exactly, you would expect the most valid advice is from people who are where you want to be. You have the resources available to you. You have access to people who have “been there, done that, and gotten the T-shirt”! You can access these people via email, telephone, webinars and regular training calls every week. Have you taken advantage of any of those? Especially the training meetings, where there is time left at the end of each meeting for questions on any topic relative to your business? If you haven’t, why not?

It’s not easy to find a viable home-based business these days, especially with all the scams on the Internet. It’s even harder to find a business you can start with a small out of pocket start up expense. And what I mean by small start up expense is some where between 300 and 1000 dollars.

It’s almost too simple to understand what is required. Work your business aggressively, part time, for 3 – 5 years, maybe put a little bit of money into it for advertising purposes to move it along faster (optional), and then come out the other end with a solid income and the freedom to enjoy life. One of your personal motivations might be some of the top income earners, who consistently have monthly commission checks of 5 figures (not including decimal points), yet they still do daily activities to get 5 – 10 new partners to work with monthly. These leaders understand the principle that applies to each and every network marketing or home based business — the size of your commission check is totally within your control.

But there’s a catch. Yep, there’s always a catch, right? I can see you thinking to yourself “aha, I knew there was a catch”. Notice that I said it’s SIMPLE to develop a plan for your home business, to work that plan and build your business from home. But it’s not comfortable!

  • Comfortable is giving up without a fight.
  • Comfortable is letting other people do your thinking for you – instead of using the brains and common sense that God gave you.
  • Comfortable is throwing money at the wall, and hoping one of your “get in now, get rich now” deals will stick.
  • Comfortable is expecting that just because you joined the business and made the effort to think of a creative agent ID and click the “submit” button, the world owes you a living.
  • Comfortable is sleeping in on Saturday. Oh and while I am writing this it 6am Saturday morning……smile.
  • Comfortable is watching TV all weekend.
  • Comfortable is not having to chance “rejection” since you’re not talking to anyone.
  • Comfortable is the ability to complain about your lot in life and the fact that you don’t have as much money as you wish you had to enjoy life but not taking the necessary steps to do anything about it.
  • See….all that stuff is Comfortable to do. It might not be fun, but it’s Comfortable.

    On the other hand…..Sticking with one Network Marketing, MLM, or Affiliate Marketing business for longer than a month is COMPLICATED.

  • Dealing with rejection is COMPLICATED.
  • Spending money on advertising when you haven’t made a nickel yet is COMPLICATED.
  • Investing effective time and effort into your business is COMPLICATED.
  • Sticking with a plan, even when everybody else tells you that you are an idiot is COMPLICATED.
  • Putting in the time, effort, and energy into a plan to improve your life and your financial future is COMPLICATED.
  • All this stuff is COMPLICATED.
  • Actually all this stuff, is only COMPLICATED in the BEGINNING!

    WOW another catch here. But this time, it’s a good one. The catch is this. If you just make the commitment and go to work on improving YOURSELF – YOUR drive, YOUR work ethic, YOUR attitude, YOUR motivations, YOUR mental toughness, YOUR goals, and even the way you spend your free time …All the stuff I just mentioned that I said was complicated, will becomes as comfortable as the other stuff I mentioned before that IS comfortable! You know all the stuff that makes you FEEL good, but does NOTHING to empower or enrich your life.

    Think about it….. How much did you accomplish by watching that re-run of Dallas, Friends or Star Trek? How much did your life improve by watching that Red Sox game, Oprah or Dr. Phil on TV? Ya I know…you say you work hard at your regular job or career and you deserve a chance to relax, right. Ok, I’ll give you that … to an extent. But I will challenge you, that if you go the extra mile working your business, then over time you won’t need to be working 50-60+ hours per week to only BARELY make ends meet … if you invest the time and energy NOW…..into the solution it will change everything for you. Oh…and don’t forget there are those magic boxes now, that record your TV programs and movies for you to watch at a later date….:) Just so you know.

    Contact the person who introduced you to your business, contact someone that is at the success level you want to be at, and ask for assistance to develop a plan to get to where you want to go. Assistance is available, but the ball is in your court to ask for that assistance you deserve. Participate in all of the conference/training meetings on the phone and in webinars and listen to what is going on, learn about some of the products you can offer and who the customers are that would be interested in those products.

    Just submitting your web sites to the search engines is not going to get you where you want to be. Only talking with 2 or 3 people per year is not going to get you where you want to be. Hanging a single flyer in the Grocery Store or the bulletin board at the Laundromat is not going to get you where you want to be. Talking to your family is not going to get you to where you want to be. Take charge of your life, take charge of your future, and make a significant change for the positive.

    Please understand, what has happened in the past is insignificant detail. What is important NOW, is where you decide to go from the here and NOW. The future is within your own hands and you have both the ability and responsibility to mold that future to one that you deserve.

    Don’t blame other people or circumstances for where you are right now. If you don’t like where you are, you can change it, starting today.

    Nobody can do it for you or desire it more than you — you must make the necessary changes today for the future you deserve tomorrow!

    Happy Marketing,

    Gerry Schroeder
    Skype: gerry.schroeder
    Office: 705-524-1286

    Gerry Schroeder is a successful network marketer who assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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    Motivation – YOU Must Do It!

    The Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM, Home Based Business or whatever you’d like to call it boom (I like to call WAH – Work At Home – because there are a lot of whiners out there….get it WAH WAH WAH..).

    This boom has virtually drowned us in various programs, deals, ideas and systems through which you can earn money working from home. The challenge is…many people don’t get it “working at home” WAH actually means WORKING, even if it is in the comfort of your own home. If I had a 50 cents for every person who signed up for program after program, and then just sat down and waited for something to happen – I would be stinking rich! The worst part is that those who fall into this trap end up broke and will thus despise everything that has to do with the WAH industry for the rest of their lives.

    One reason for this phenomena is the somewhat unrealistic claims often being made. Many online affiliate programs would have you believe that you “just have to sign up”, “just get in” and then the system will do all the work for you. However, I don’t think we can shift all of the blame on “the system”. After all, when was the last time you believed a typical TV-commercial or sales pitch to be 100% objective and truthful? What makes you think advertising on the Internet would be any different? Systems only work if you work them. There’s that word gain..”WORK”.

    Regardless of what you’re trying to promote online, the hard fact is it will take time and effort before you reach your goal. Your mental attitude (ones motivation) towards the project is of utmost importance. Learning about your new business venture, how to use the system available, who your support team is, are all tasks that take some serious time and effort to assimilate. Having a team and leaders who will teach you all they know about their specific WAH venture is definitely a plus. But it will be entirely up to you to take action and
    realize your dreams.

    It’s all about Leadershipping, Relationshipping, Self Motivation and Mental Training…..:)

    It’s so important that you firmly believe you CAN and WILL be successful with your enterprise. In fact you should stand up in front of a mirror right now and tell yourself exactly what you expect to accomplish with your business venture and that, no matter what, you will reach your goal. This technique is called autosuggestion and it is discussed in great detail in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a must read and you can get it from my “Links” page for a great price.

    I know some people like to scoff at so called self-help books, but I really recommend that you read this one with an open mind and try out its suggestions. I mean, think about it for a moment…if you consider, say, a down hill Alpine skier (it is the year of the Winter Olympics). Do you think he or she could actually go down that hill of ice and snow at the speeds they do if they constantly were thinking that’s waaay to steep and waaay to icy, I’ll never make it? Of course not! Almost all successful athletes today recognize the importance of mental training, repetition, learning from a “Coach”, and physical conditioning.

    This is no different for you.

    Learning how to become a professional marketer can be compared to the tough physical conditioning a top athlete goes through. There will be a lot for you to do while learning all the tools of the trade, but if you stick with the plan and do it a little bit at a time you will eventually possess the marketing equivalent of a super-athletes physiology (without the sore aching muscles). If you also take some time to program your mind for success, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

    Another important point is to avoid negative reference groups no matter how much you have pumped up your confidence; it can all be torn down in a heartbeat by a negative reference group. Especially when you try to earn a living from the Work at Home (WAH) industry, you will run into many people who will tell you how stupid you are for even thinking of such a possibility. You must at all costs avoid talking (seriously) about your plans with people like this. Confide only in those who will support you, and ignore all the whiners and old farts, who say they know it all…..who actually know nothing about the WAH industry anyway!

    So, it’s important for you to believe in yourself, and have realistic expectations. Most people who fail in making it in the WAH industry do so because they buy into some
    get-rich-quick-over-night-without-lifting-a-thing-just-get-in-now. And when nothing happens for the entire first week they feel ripped off and give up. I see this happen so many times in Network Marketing. Why would someone think they can’t do it in their first week?

    Did you give up on your job in your first week? I think not! To advance in your job takes months, if not years to get to the next level or position (hmmmmm, sounds like MLM to me…..:)) So don’t give up here!!

    “Working from Home” with a great team and system is not a magic bullet that, by itself, will allow you to quit your job tomorrow and become a millionaire. However, the IT WILL offer many fantastic opportunities to make a decent living if you’re mentally tough. Once you are armed with the right attitude I would be happy to assist you in your efforts in any way I can. Then all that is left to do is for you to GO FOR IT!

    Happy Marketing,

    Gerry Schroeder
    Skype: gerry.schroeder
    Office: 705-524-1286

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    The Benefits of an Autoresponder

    Are you getting frustrated trying to keep up with replies to the mountain of e-mails that almost overflows your in-box every single day, well then, you’re ready to understand all about autoresponders.

    People expect prompt replies to their e-mail inquiries. Think about the emails you personally send out. Don’t you, 99% of the time, want the recipient to reply back to you fairly quickly? Unless you can figure out how to man your emails 24-hour a day, you have a problem. The good news is an autoresponder is an inexpensive method of quickly responding to e-mails. What these programs do is automatically respond to incoming e-mails as soon as they are received.

    E-mails are essential to your business for many different reasons.

    Most importantly, these invisible e-mail voices give you their feedback about your website—for free! However, if you spend all your working hours answering these e-mails, how are you supposed to run your business?

    The answer is simple: use autoresponders. Autoresponders are programs that automatically respond to your e-mails without you so much as having to click on your mouse.

    There are a number of good reasons why you deserve an autoresponder besides just answering your e-mail. For example, autoresponders can be used if you send information about your services or products, price lists, or if there are repeated questions asked across large numbers of e-mails. Maybe you want to offer your site visitors a special bonus of some kind, such as advice or relevant articles. All of this can be handled by an autoresponder. Additionally, you can advertise your business and then build stable relationships with your customers by using autoresponders (this is KEY!).

    Autoresponder products vary in functionality. From software that runs with your e-mail program, to a specialized script that runs on your web hosting company’s server. The email based product may use a web page form or simply operate with your e-mail account, which is programmed to send out a standardized message whenever an e-mail is received. The message is sent to a particular script or e-mail address.

    Autoresponders like ERESPONDERpro can do more than simply send out standardized messages. They can send out an unlimited number of follow-up messages sent at predetermined intervals of time. For example, you can set your autoresponder to send out a new message every day for as long a period as you desire.

    On the Internet, the SIZE of your list matters. The bigger the better.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone…..:)

    There are numerous companies who offer autoresponders free of charge. Your website hosting company often provides autoresponders as a free service. If this is not the case with your web hosting company, there are numerous companies who offer this service for a small fee, or free of charge, providing you attach an advertisement for their company to your e-mails. When your list begins to grow, you won’t want to use a
    free service anymore. However, these companies will continuously charge you more money as your list grows.

    To personalize your autoresponder messages, you can attach a signature. Signatures in this case are much like business cards. You can include your name, company, all your contact numbers and addresses, and a brief message. You can see an example at the end of all my posts. It’s a good idea to attach a signature to every e-mail that is sent out. This works as a repeated reminder of your business identity every time a customer sees it. The more they look at your signature, the more likely your company will spring to mind when your particular service or product is needed.

    You can create a standardized signature that every employee in your business uses, or you can go wild, and let every staff member create their own personal signature. If you are an online marketer, be creative. Of course, like everything in life, there are some rules and guidelines to creating a personal signature.

    Keep the length of your signature between four to six lines of text, with no more than 70 characters in a single line. Make sure that your e-mail program does not cut off your text! The content should include your name, your company name, your e-mail address, fax number, and any other contact details, such as 800 numbers. Lastly, always include a short personal message about your company. It should be a subtle sell of your services or your products, and possibly your company’s reliability and longevity.

    Another specialized use of autoresponders is to create courses that you can then offer your site visitors for free. You must choose a topic in which you are an expert and that precisely targets your potential customers.

    Once you have carefully chosen your subject, divide it into a number of different sub-topics. Then offer your site visitor a free 10 or 15 day course, each day offering a different sub-topic. The first topic should always be a welcome message to your site visitor and an explanation about what is to follow. Your explanation should be enticing, getting the point across that you are offering free, quality information that your target audience will find of great value.

    With every lesson, include the number of the lesson, the topic title, information about your company and its services or products. At the end, include a few blurbs about the next lesson to entice the subscriber to continue on. Make sure each topic is packed with essential and valuable information, and leaves the visitor drooling to know more. Otherwise, you may lose them in the very beginning.

    Of course, you have to write up your course before you can offer it. Once you have done this, and gone over the material carefully, employing a professional writer or editor if necessary, you must transfer your text to your autoresponder.

    There are a number of quality autoresponders you can try out for a free or low-priced trial. I recommend ERESPONDERpro, you can test drive it for only $1. You can also go to Google and search ‘autoresponders’, then sign-up for your chosen autoresponder. Remember, almost all paid autoresponders will charge you more money as your list grows, but not ERESPONDERpro.

    E-mail is an excellent marketing tool; it is inexpensive and it is fast. Use it to advertise your business by choosing your e-mail address carefully. Your website or Blog should contain different e-mail addresses for different contact requests. For example, use for information requests, or for questions about sales. It’s a good idea to set up one for the owner, such as This presents your company in a personal, approachable light and insures that direct contact is provided.

    Autoresponders are an effective and powerful marketing tool, allowing you to make contact with thousands of potential customers. This is an invaluable asset considering how many potential customers you usually have contact with before you make an actual sale. Essentially, an autoresponder allows you to automate part of your marketing campaign.

    Happy Marketing,

    Gerry Schroeder
    Skype: gerry.schroeder
    Office: 705-524-1286

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    Building Self Confidence

    Do you try to put your best foot forward?

    Putting your best foot forward, whether it comes to making waves at work or finding new friends in your personal life, isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A lack of self confidence can make it tough for anyone to realize their full potential in all walks of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Boosting your self confidence to make it easier for you to bring out your best qualities is entirely possible no matter how shy you are……really.

    There are some rules I’ve discovered, through trial and error actually, that will maximize your effectiveness in social and work situations. These rules can assist you with making sure you’re at the top of your game. For example, make sure you dress for the occasion. By dressing right, you’ll feel less out of place and more comfortable in all kinds of situations. So don’t dress up in a cocktail dress ladies or a tailored suit if you’re meeting a few friends at the local pub and make sure you don’t wear jeans to work if there’s any chance that you could be called into an important meeting.

    Another good confidence boosting trick you’ll find surprisingly simple is to start to act as though you are confident and you really will be! Move and hold yourself as though you’re confident, sit up straight and look attentive at work, walk in a purposeful way and keep your head up and your shoulders back and you’ll find that it affects the way you feel about yourself as well as the way people look at you.

    Building self confidence in social situations also means learning to give back. If you smile and nod and are encouraging to the people around you, it’s only natural they’ll respond the same way. And there’s nothing better than a smile back or a feeling of worth fullness from business associates and friends. Try it sometime, you may notice it’s contagious.

    Now If you’re shy of your smile, there are things you can do to boost your self belief in it. A trip to the dentist could help you identify and fix any problems, while a home teeth whitening kit could help you put the sparkle back in your smile. Ladies….you can buy a new lipstick perhaps. Guys….you can give yourself a close shave or think about sprucing up your facial hair if you want to accent your new smile and new found sense of self confidence.

    Help yourself make the best possible impression by remembering that a friendly, open persona is likely to encourage people to think of you favorably and make it easier for you to put your best foot forward.

    People always gravitate to people they want to be like or feel good energy from.

    So practice smiling in a mirror, walking with confidence, and sitting with great posture. Soon your self confidence will grow and people will gravitate to you to!

    Happy Marketing,

    Gerry Schroeder
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    Web Hosting – A Must for doing Business Online

    I am going to try not to be too biased here, and share some thoughts with you regarding web hosting. Because without it, there really would be no Internet!

    Companies are rising and so is the competition among them.

    The Internet has become the basic need for all new and established companies. So how can the internet help your business or any business?

    The Internet provides a service called Web Hosting, in which a space is provided to the customer on the internet according to his/her requirements (it’s your real-estate online..depending on what you need…small apartment or ocean front home).

    Web Hosting has become a must for anyone thinking of, or actually doing business on the Internet. Web Hosting helps companies establish their links all around the world.

    Now here’s the rub……when looking for a Web Hosting Company you’ll find a large number of them with their baskets full of Web Hosting Services. Some good, and some really bad. Before even setting up an account determine what your budget and needs are. How much bandwidth do you need, how much web space (real-estate for your home on the Internet), do you need an autoresponder, do you need video creation software (today it’s a must) and how much can you budget for all this?

    Many Web Hosting companies will offer a range of Affordable Web Hosting Services. Some Web Hosting Companies may also offer free Web Hosting or a trial package of their Web Hosting Service for say only $1. A Trial Web Hosting Service is a good option to go with so you can generate a preview of the services that are going to be offered. While choosing your Web Hosting service you must be careful. Don’t get lured by the money saving offers as these could cost you very seriously as many low-priced offers usually are not of superior quality. You must keep in mind your requirements and make a careful selection. Make sure the Web Hosting Company also offers a money back guarantee, this is essential.

    Your Web Hosting service must be taken from a reliable and reputed Web Hosting Company as your Web Hosting Company helps you to reflect your impression in front of your clients and the Internet world. Look into the reputation of the Web Hosting Company and see that the company you’re choosing is not a black listed company. Then you must analyze the services of the company. The uptime of their servers should be 24/7/365. The Web Hosting Company should also provide a twenty four hour customer care service and should be equipped with efficient technical tools so that it can guide you when ever you need assistance. A Web Hosting Company should also provide operational tools that help a tenderfoot to develop a new website. It should provide efficient speed and storage space to its customers, and it should also be able to give protection to its customer’s contents so that they are not misused by anyone.

    Web Hosting has completely changed the functioning of business on the Internet. It has provided a new way of promoting yourself and Branding YOU (a topic all on its own).

    Global Virtual Opportunities is a reputable 12 year old premier web hosting company, with all the tools you will ever need. The training and support is incredible. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

    Happy Marketing,

    Gerry Schroeder
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