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Measure And Adjust To Obtain Network Marketing Success

How do you build a financially successful business around yourself and your loved ones in Network Marketing while dealing with today’s financial and economic challenges? Here are five key ideas for creating financial peace.

1. Realize That This IS Your Shot

Start with the intention of building a multimillion dollar enterprise, knowing that there will be lots of presentations and training before the results reach your bank account. It takes time to build momentum.

2. Realize That Momentum is Created In Stages

First, you must grow and support your initial team through weekly getting started meetings and a monthly big meeting with other leaders which will allow the team to better organize for next month’s activities. And if you have a local group this fires things up like that of a NASCAR race car getting ready for pole time trials!

Next assist your initial group to build a national group. Who on your team knows someone in the next major city or state/province? Invite those people to webinars (that’s what I teach….and if you don’t have a webinar room you deserve to have one. This is the best and most affordable) or conference calls or even live events. Once you have 15-20 people in that new city you may want to just work with them as a team to build their local market. If you are close enough you may even want to build up to an event in that area.

Next it’s time to go global. Find out who has contacts in a country that your company just opened or will be opening soon. Get in touch with these contacts and begin building rapport. Perhaps you’ll want to have them plug in to your webinars and training….so they can do the same with their contacts. This is a way to pre-build an international team that can explode your Network Marketing business.

3. Establish A Daily Method Of Operation

This is what your work day looks like. How many three-way calls did you schedule today? How many new prospects are you talking to daily? How many people did you invite to a webinar presentation? How many people confirmed they were attending? How many prospects are you personally following up with? How many new team members are you assisting with setting up their marketing system?

If you’re building solely online, you may want to track…How many capture pages are you building today? How many new contacts are you making in each of your social media sites? Where are you advertising your links today…etc.

These are called red button activities. Many new Network Marketers don’t get the proper training required to succeed. That’s why I created SIC-Second Income Coach…..go check it out, I know you’ll love the generic training. And it’s a FREE marketing system for you to plug in to.

4. Assume Responsibility for your Financial Success

The most successful people in Network Marketing don’t make excuses, they make things happen. Here are some ideas for you to make things happen….

* Sponsor Continuously – As a top leader myself, I am always bringing in new people. Don’t be afraid to ask your leaders when the last time was that they personally sponsored/enrolled a new member to the team.

* Stay Strong – Instead of worrying about what your company may lack, lead with the positives – your support team, your products, your rewarding compensation plan, your system for success and your personal commitment to their success.

* Communicate Directly – Explain to your team they must sponsor on a regular, consistent basis to find the right people to grow their team. Even part-time Network Marketers must attend conference calls, Webinars, team trainings and company events to grow and learn the business correctly. Remember, education is constant in our business. The money flows in as the distributor base grows. This becomes exponential as you development leaders on your team.

* Focus On Results – Keep track of the number of people you talk to or contact in order to sponsor a new team member. When you’re new to your Network Marketing business you should be told that you will find yourself in and around the 50% rule. Meaning 50% of the people you speak to will listen to you. 50% of those people will commit to attending a live webinar or go to a presentation website. 50% of those people will actually answer the phone when you call them back to follow up. And 50% of those people will actually partner with you. So what does this mean? Well if you want to sponsor 2 new team members a week (8 per month which is highly recommended) you’ll have to understand the math and the simple formula….TINA.

TINA = There Is No Average

To sponsor 2 per week: 8 to presentation, 16 invited, and 32 actually spoken to.

Hmmmm…..are you willing to do those numbers to change your life?

Some will some won’t so what someone is always waiting…….

5. Leaders Are Not Just Born…They Are Created

By understanding what is required to be a leader, and actually becoming one. You’ll be able to create leaders on your team. Step up to the plate and start swinging. Get some team members on the bases. Load them up and hit that home run for a grand slam. By you being a leader and swinging the bat (doing the red button activities above), your team members will do the same.

Your team members will do what you do or less. Seldom will they do more!

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder
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