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Turn Your Vision Into Reality

It’s a new year! It’s time to make your life what you deserve it to be!

Get into a quite room for 10 minutes. Shut the door. Take two deep breathes, exhale and relax. Now close your eyes . . . and imagine. Imagine where you would like your business to be at the end of 2011? Don’t create any limits. Don’t wonder what the economy may or may not be like. Just imagine.

Unlimited Possibilities!

Imagine what your December 2011 paycheck will be like. See it in your mind. What is the amount on the check? Read the amount and see the numbers clearly on your check. REALLY see them!

Keep your eyes closed and now imagine opening up the January 2012 edition of your company’s monthly publication or website. You are in it! And you are interviewed for seriously advancing your business. What is your new position in December 2011? See it clearly in your mind. Know that you can make it happen!

Say it out loud, “it’s the end of 2011, my position is ________ and I am earning $_________ per month.”

Believe it!

It’s in your hands to make it happen. Never before has there been such unbridled potential for growth than now! Millions of North Americans are out of work. Many places around the world are seeing challenges, and it’s up to you to make that change in your life. To seek out others who MUST incorporate change in their life. And there are many!

Network Marketing is something anyone can do. And that’s the key word….DO!

With many Network Marketing companies going backwards. Others losing their sales force due to negative change within the company structure and philosophy. Others just starting way too small and can’t handle the growth. And too many networkers staying with companies like these because of emotional relationships. If you find your check going backwards, even while you are working your business, then it may be time to look else where.

Network Marketing is a BUSINESS. A business built on relationships, yes. These relationships should be MUCH STRONGER with those you work with, than with the company. Your team will understand how you feel, because if you are feeling it, they are most likely feeling it also.

So whatever your vision is for your check and your position in December 2011, know that it can happen if you are willing to make the necessary commitment and necessary steps. Whether with the company you are currently working for or perhaps a new massive company and opportunity.

If you were to ask me what the single most important business building activity you can engage in right now to better ensure a great 2011, I would tell you this…..Talk to everyone you know, everyone you meet, about your opportunity. Develop a 90-day goal to create the grandest, most energetic “get the word out” campaign as you can possibly imagine. Talk to at least 50 people per week? Absolutely! You can do it. During the course of your normal day, do you think you see 7 people, online or offline, who may want to earn extra money? I’m sure you do. If you did this for 13 weeks spanning
over the next 90 days, you would be talking to well over 600 people.

WOW that’s a lot of people! And think of this, how much time and effort do people put into their career between college, working, gaining experience and then hoping to get that promotion? Decades in some cases!

What are we talking about here? Just 90 days!

90 days of speaking with 50 people per week on average.

Remember, every new team member begins by talking to someone. Every new leader in your organization began their new Network Marketing career with you, the moment someone began talking to them about your opportunity. And there has never been a better time to do so.

Just look at the people in your company who took massive action just a few short years ago. They are the top leaders now….aren’t they? You have an even greater opportunity now, with the way Network Marking is becoming mainstream and so accepted as an additional income stream and career. All it takes is finding 2 or 3 good leaders who catch the vision as you have.

So make it a goal….talk to at least 50 people per week about your financial opportunity (if you don’t have one let me know) and you’ll be well on your way to making your vision for business in 2011 a reality.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder
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