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10 Steps To Getting Your Webiste / Blog Noticed

If you’re running a business in 2011, it’s a no brainer that you MUST have a website.

The question you must ask yourself…..

Is my website in the fast lane of the Internet Superhighway or stuck in some back road near a creek with the bridge washed out?


Think of it this way… it doing its job in terms of driving customers to look at and buy goods and services? Does it appear at or near the top of an online search?

No matter how good your site looks, it’s wasted if your online audience is too small. As most people know you can pay to boost your search rankings – Google Ad for example will boost your ranking at a price. Now when you first get started in the online world, you don’t want to spend a lot of money….I get it. What you have to get is that marketing and advertising is KEY!

Here are some FREE traffic getting tricks and tools that you, or your Web Designer can use to boost your ranking.

1. Site Submission / Submitting

Search engines don’t just find your site by accident, they need to know you exist. At the very least, you MUST submit your site to the bid three…Google, Yahoo and Bing (owned by Microsoft).

Key Links:


2. Human Site Submission / Submitting

Another key place to submit your site is:

This is an independent, non-profit Web monitoring project that links to Google’s directory. When you submit your site to Dmoz it will be checked by a real human being… cool is that! The downside to human interaction is they take their time. So it may be a while before you reap the rewards.

3. Using a Sitemap

Does your site have a sitemap? It’s an often neglected file that gives search engines a list of your website’s contents. The good news is that you don’t even have to know how to make a map. Several sites will generate one for you. Once created don’t forget to submit your sitemap to search engines.

Here is a site you can use:

4. Content Content Content

Content is king when it comes to making your site visible to users. Just put yourself into the minds of your potential customers. Let’s say you’re a seller of shoes in the Sudbury area. What would potential customers type into a search engine? They might be looking for someone local to them, for a particular brand, type or size of shoe. Now look at the text of your website. Have you got all the bases covered?

No matter how good your site looks, it’s wasted if your online audience is too small.

5. Keywords Help

Keywords are hidden within the code of your website, and they should cover any search terms that your customers might use. It is worth getting them right. Google’s search – based keyword tool (just search “keyword tool” at can help. Ironically, Google doesn’t take any account of keywords. Other search engines do, though.

6. Photos Work

Photos enhance your website’s appearance and they can also help search engines if you’re canny with naming the files. So “Nike_Size_15_Sudbury_shoes.jpg” WILL help and “shoe123.jpg” will do absolutely nothing.

7. Reciprocal Links

Links from other sites to yours can really boost your rankings, so it’s worth getting involved in Social Media sites, Forums and Discussion Boards and linking back to your site. Be aware of asking your best friend to link to your site in exchange for you doing the same thing. Search engines are wise to this tactic and frown upon it.

8. Descriptive Meta Tag

Meta tags are optional HTML coding elements that provide information about a web page. Your description meta tag is hidden from view, and it’s a vital smoke signal for search engines. It’s your opportunity to describe, in the meta tag, what your website is about. So keep it short and sweet, and remember that each page of your website can and should have a separate description.

9. Focused Headings

In contract to meta tags, a more visible area of your site to search engines is the headings you use on your website. These are essential reading for search engine robots. Make them relevant. Better still, make them feature your sites keywords.

10. Second Income Coach

Being trained and coached in how to do all this (and more) is key to your online business success. Second Income Coach is a great FREE resource. You will learn many tips and tricks to online marketing and promotion success.

So get back to your site utilizing this information and check that your site is search engine optimized. There are no guarantees this will result in more business, and you will however raise the profile of your site and put it in front of more potential prospects and customers. Patients is definitely key when developing traffic online.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder
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