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Attraction Marketing Basics

…..We actually didn’t run out of gas….we had a battery problem and fixed it……and got back up and running.

Here are some attraction marketing basics…….

Attraction marketing is a simple theory that is so effective for home based entrepreneurs. The concept behind it is quite simple. That is, before jumping to promote the business opportunity or the network marketing company or the program for that matter, one should try and promote and brand you, Inc.

Today in network marketing, attracting people who relate to the home based business arena is much easier by personally branding yourself with the help of social media’s such as the Facebook, twitter, email marketing or ones own blog. Having a proper community or FREE system will be a serious benefit when trying to attract like minded individuals. This will assist them to build their lists of contacts and share their business opportunities via the FREE system rather than going for their throat initially. In contrast to the earlier methods where the program was
advertised to strangers, they then directed them to a corporate managed replicated website hoping that a sale would be generated.

It’s all about RFB…..Relationshipping, Friendshipping and not Bullshipping anyone!

Some Attraction Marketing Tools

1) Being yourself and the value you share with others are factors that make you attractive to other aspiring entrepreneurs. They are achieved by consistently learning and having some valuable skills to share. Also being well informed in areas of personal growth, business, internet marketing and more helps the cause. Assisting others to grow by impartially sharing the information and directing them to useful systems (like Second Income Coach) brings out the true leader in you.

2) Lead Capture pages are something that makes marketing very attractive to potential prospects. In other words, providing a simple one page website which includes free information, video tutorials, ebooks etc and also shares the owner’s contact information such as the email, phone number, name, social media connections etc to make others aware of who you are and what you want to market. Second Income Coach is easy to set up and FREE!

3) Autoresponder – An email service that enables you to set up a campaign and target it to people by providing valuable details that educate them, and also helps you to invite or either sell your product. It’s just like
generating an auto pilot for you. The campaigning content should have all that the targeted audience needs to know of the service.

4) Bio Page – Now this is a basic thing which helps other people to get to know more about you. It should be understood that basically people join people and not the products or the services. It’s through you, others get
to know the program. Various social media’s such as Facebook, blogs or either posting related videos on you tube are a great way to build a relation with the prospects.

5) The Funded proposal is another great tool for attraction marketing. It’s online training which should be FREE to get started, with a marketing system you pay a small price for that allows you to earn some cash and at the same time educating the masses. It could also be stated as an art of offering a low priced information product that is targeted to your niche and provides value to the prospects. Second Income Coach is that system.

6) Primary business opportunity or product/ service. This is something where the long term money is at stake. They are available in various price points which provides the high margin commissions, recurring income, passive income etc. Your list could be further monetized by building either one or more of those valuable products. Transfer buying is the way to go. Timing of an opportunity is also very critical.

7) Affiliate Marketing: This is where, you can offer the additional valuable products and services in your target niche by some simple email reviews or recommendations to your list. Low priced info products, high priced seminars, courses etc are few of the attributes of this affiliate marketing.

What I have shared with you are some of the productive tools required for attraction marketing. The mechanics and the sources regarding this varies but are simple. Particularly when it comes to home based businesses or network marketing, these facts are truly simple provided they are applied in the right manner.

It’s basically this simple…..

You take a simple message and communicate it with the masses. You and your sales will reach its heights when your marketing is more targeted by increasing your sales cycle.

Consider a simple message:

“Secrets of how to use the internet to earn money from home”? People could answer either yes or no! If the answer is yes, you could take them to the lead capture page which offers them the free information in a step by step format of how to use the internet to make money at home.

Now how could you share that message???

1) Paid Target Advertising: There are several methods that are fast enough, enabling you to share the message. One such productive form is the Paid Target Advertising. People who are on the lookout for this kind of information will be always attracted to advertising related to this matter. There are various sources of effective advertising. Google adwords, Ezine marketing, pay per click marketing etc are some of the most productive ones. Banner advertising, classified ads, magazine ads etc are also quite effective.

2) Free Marketing: Marketing could be brought to its heights using social media. With almost all the people using these media’s such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, blogs etc these days, marketing becomes much easier and effective as they help to find, connect and build relationships with the people thus creating a targeted list of people to be invited to read your message.

3) Search engine optimization (SEO) is another great marketing tool. Publishing the content using the relevant keywords in blogs or in articles enables you to place your content in areas where people are constantly seeking information. Similarly typing in the appropriate keywords in the search engines could help find your content quick as well.

Using these very effective promotional methods, the best possible results are guaranteed, also providing consistent target flow to your content. As a result when your content gets more and more attention from the public, they
eventually would want to know more about you and your promotional items, which then leads them to your social media pages.

Next, the people need to be invited to your system or sales marketing. For this, your lead capture page has to be made use of. After being educated on the system from the sources and tutorials on that page, the interested prospects are directed to your sales. A great example is this capture page for Second Income Coach (SIC).

Eventually people join in your system and they begin to develop or put together their own attraction marketing system and build the list in the same way as you did. Thus the Attraction Marketing system is very powerful which can be used to build any kind of home based or small business by making effective use of social media, Internet marketing and direct response marketing principles.

Happy Marketing,

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