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Anyone Can Be a Network Marketing Success

So what does it take to be a success?

Triple D’s!

No not those, these….Desire, Drive, and Determination!

Being part of a great team is also important. So are some tips on what is required to be that success. Feel free to share this post with anyone on your team, because the only way to truly make a lot of money in this industry is help each team member become a great network marketing mentor as well. My goal is to create as many Ten Thousandaires as possible. Yes that’s ten thousand a month….not a year.


Tip #1:

Be a leader not a follower. Show your team how to take action by actually taking action yourself. Even if you’re not certain what you’re doing, you must be willing to attempt certain things to show your team that it’s OK to go into the unknown. The best way to get your team to take action is to continue contacting, explaining the power of Network Marketing and teaming up with new people every month. Lead by example, and don’t expect your team to do things that you yourself are not doing.

Tip #2:

Don’t be a babysitter. Never give your team members any expectations that you will be hovering over them to make sure they’re getting their work done and producing. This is not a job, and you are not their boss. We are all independent entrepreneurs, and 1 of the reasons we got in this industry is because we’re psychologically unemployable…or at least I am LOL. We don’t want to have a boss, which means we also don’t want babysitters for mentors. The thing is that most people in the beginning are too accustomed to having a boss, which means you have to set the expectation immediately that you will be here to support them as a great network marketing mentor when they need your help, and that you will not be calling them to make sure they’re getting their work done. The must call you.

Tip #3:

Point your team at tools and resources. Again you have to remember that we all must develop independent leadership by developing the proper skill set to make serious money in this industry. So assisting your team members to form the habits required is key! If someone contacts you with a question that they can easily find the answer to on Google, tell them to Google it themselves. If they contact you with support issues, tell them to contact support. If they can get the information they’re looking for in a training video, then you shouldn’t be wasting 1-on-1 time teaching them something. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t assist your team or coach your team, of course you must. We all have the same time in a day, and in order to be respectful of your time they should form the habit of doing independent search. When you teach them this habit, they too will be able to pass it on to their team, and that’s what will allow more time-freedom in all of our lives.

We all must form habits that you want your team to form so that both you and your team can make more money in less time. This is the key to being a great network marketing mentor. If you don’t have a mentor that’s pushing you like this, then you should certainly surround yourself with someone that will. That’s what I did when I got started. I surrounded myself with the right people and so should you.


Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder
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