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6 Action Steps In Building A Sucessful Network Marketing Business

No matter what your goals are, success usually has a blueprint. There is usually a path to follow that successful folks have followed before you in order to get what you deserve. If you want to grow an effective Network Marketing business from the comfort of your home, there is a fool-proof system that works every single time for anyone who applies it.

Does it cost lots of money? No!
Does it take lots of time? No!
Does it require bugging family and friends? No!
Does it require attending lots of pricey meetings? No!
Does it require relying on your support team (upline)
to get your business going because they know
significantly more than you do? No!

Forget about what you’ve been taught in the past. This is why a lot of individuals fail in Network Marketing. And I want this to be the last business you will ever build. And if this is your first home based business, then you are at the right place. You picked your horse. Now you must ride it!

Most people in Network Marketing have the mindset of followers instead of leaders. In order to grow a successful Network Marketing business, you must first recieve the appropriate training. If it makes you sick to thinking about all the times you failed, fell down, spent money you did not have, time you did not have, and energy you would have rather spent on your household or venture that worked, you are now in the right place at the right time.

Outlined below are the 6 action steps you require to take back your life and to finally be effective in developing a successful Network Marketing business that will last a lifetime and not just a lunchtime.

Action Step #1 – Start Using Lead Capture Pages

A lead capture page is all you will need. What is it? Simply put, it is a web page where target prospects leave their information so you can create a database to grow your enterprise. You will find them very effective especially if they have something of value to share or give away.

Action Step #2 – Create A Back-End Marketing Method

This is a guide program for every prospect who visits your information capture page, so they can eventually obtain the information about your Network Marketing Enterprise and join you on the other end. I like to call it a sales page funnel or a funnel period. It’s a screening procedure. You don’t want individuals calling you (or you calling them back) who are not really interested. It is a waste of your time. Let the system do the filtering for you. Remember systems work people fail.

Action Step #three – Know Your Audience

It takes constant fine-tuning to find who your true target audience is. Ask yourself who has a will, need, want or desire for your products or services. Be distinct about it. What would drive them to want to seriously use your product of service? You want to get these people banging at your internet door. You do not want these individuals standing on the sidewalk debating whether or not to come into your house.

Action Step #4 – Establish Your self As A Leader

Be the leader people are looking for! Begin being the person people on your team want to do 3-ways with. Don’t position your sponsor as the leader of your business when it must be you! You will in no way grow a business unless you establish your own credibility as a leader. It is your expertise that people are searching for. They will and must be able to trust you and no one else.

Action Step #5 – Get Folks To Visit Your Capture Page

Your business will not grow unless you get your target audience to your site. If your web site was a store in the middle of the desert, how will you get thirsty men and women to discover it? Your friends and household members possibly will not be thirsty enough to care, so you want to write articles, write in blogs, obtain inexpensive leads and forget about the old tactics like placing ads in newspapers and distributing flyers.

Action Step #6 – Develop Your Skill Set

To develop a truly success Network Marketing business you must constantly keep improving your abilities (skill set). You must do this by way of company growth training and individual development. You must surround yourself with dedicated and positive people, and obtain the proper education. Sadly, this may not come from your sponsor or even your support team. You must plug in with leaders who are doing it. Education that will enable you to keep understanding as you grow your Network Marketing business.

These 6 Action Steps may not be completly descriptive, it is a basic blueprint that shows you literally step by step what must be accomplished in order to grow a successful Network Marketing business. It is the strategy I created after following so many so called leaders who failed me. It will jump start any new distributors business and revv up any stalled business even years after inactivity.

Yes, I worked many challenging years with out success. Talk about mistakes!

The essential thing to keep in mind though, is that making mistakes ultimately leads to success. If I had not made those mistakes, I wouldn’t be able to assist you now.  Instead of spending months of wasted time and cash attempting to locate the right resources, the far more intelligent way to approach your business is to find out from those, like me and others who I am blessed to have on my team, who have already paid the price.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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