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How to watch Flash videos on iPad or iPhone

Are you looking for a flash player for your Apple device? Well, you need to know “Adobe has not created a version of Flash for any iOS devices”, because iPad does not support flash, they think flash is on the way out and HTML5 is a much better option. Well I must tell you I am a PC guy who recently converted to the iPhone from Black Berry. But don’t worry, there are ways to solve the problem, such as downloading web browser apps for your Apple device. Here are a couple must have apps from the APP Store.

1. Puffin (thanks Liza for sharing this one!)

The Fastest JavaScript Engine Puffin Browser, with it’s revolutionary JavaScript engine and cloud computing technology, is faster than the built-in browser by up to 550% … No other browser even comes close to Puffin Browser’s speed.

And there is a FREE version to try out….


2. Skyfire Web Browser

Skyfire is a web browser that can run flash content on iPhone and iPad. It supports various types of websites and flash videos from the internet. So it’s kind of flash support for your iPad or iPhone.

Check it out at: Skyfire Web Browser

I truly hope this helps with watching Flash based items on your Apple device.


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