How to Gain MLM Success

So why do 95% of Network Marketers spend more money than they make, while others are generating a very good icome? The difference is that beginners sell, while the 5%’ers Market. Once I figured that out, I deserved to understand how to market like a professional.

Here are some tips that I’ll share with you about how the professional Network Marketers do it, and the way to become a success in MLM so you don’t become a statistic.


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OK, now you ready for some Success Tips?

Tip #1

Successful Network Marketers utilize online automation tools to work for them twenty-four-seven, while they maintain their daily schedules. With the proper tools in place, a marketing professional will have a never-ending supply of prospects chasing after them.

Newbie’s fail to leverage the power of promoting and advertising. This may be because they haven’t been taught this or they aren’t working with the right people?

Tip #2

Successful Marketers also understand how to publicize to their target audience. They do not have a one way approach to marketing. Professionals use different marketing systems to reach their audience.

This is the complete opposite of the way that amateurs market. Generally Amateurs (I am not talking about you) promote a replicated company website that casts a large net to the general public, expecting to catch a few prospects.

Tip #3

Successful Marketers have a marketing funnel for their prospects, which allows them to only deal with highly qualified leads. The promoting funnel is another tool that saves the professional time, and increases their revenue.

Ask a beginner if they have a marketing funnel. Wha..what what marketing funnel!? Exactly.

Tip #4

Successful Networkers sell the solution to people’s issues, they don’t sell a company. They understand the psychology of people. They know that people are just interested in the benefits that come with what they are offering. They want their Problems solved, they do not want a company.

And here comes the beginner (I’m not talking about you) throwing up all over people with their verbal diarrhea about their company and their products. OMG! And then they wonder why it’s so hard to make any money in this thing.

Tip #5

Successful Network Marketers have a step by step system in place that prepares the new person to make money. They also coach and produce new independent leaders in their business.

Amateurs don’t have a simple system or a professional training forum for their new partners to plug into. Let’s not mention the adult day-care that they created (Remember I’m not talking about you)

Tip #6

Successful Network Marketers are continually training and improving themselves. They attend promotion trainings, and personal development meetings. They spend thousands a month on new ideas and concepts. Some may even turn their cars into a traveling varsity. Go to any Successful Network Marketers home and have a peek at their library. You sometimes will find tons of books about their craft and books about mindset.

Newbie’s customarily attend one event or training, and think that’s it. One event or training is not about to make them a success. This is a continuing process. This is not a 30 day, wait and see kind of industry. This industry deserves a long term commitment, not a ‘let me try my luck’ lottery ticket.

So those are my six tips. Be sure that the person you work with uses systems, practices what they preach, and that they have an interest in your success.

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Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online business builder and MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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