How to Succeed in Network Marketing

Thousands of people will start a MLM or Network Marketing business every month. Most will soon discover it’s not as easy as they thought it would be…operating their own business from home. Many of these individuals came upon a home business website or were contacted by someone who miraculously found their name and phone number….and to their surprise….right on the spot, they joined the business. After spending a lot of their hard earned cash, the majority of these people will drop out of the business within three months! This failure, which is known to so many in the network marketing arena, can be avoided with the right skilld and simple techniques that will change any network marketers business situation.

Now….if your support team has told you to call leads or post your MLM network marketing business on Google AdWords, why didn’t you succeed? Wasn’t this advice good enough or what was the real problem behind you failing? The answer won’t shock you because the majority of us, who are involved with network marketing, have been told to bother friends and family, call leads, or just advertise on Google. But sadly Google has changed their rules on home business websites, and calling leads can cost too much time and money for most people….not to mention many will not put forth the effort.

The old fashion way of building your MLM or Network Marketing business still works, but for those who have gone to friends and family over and over again just don’t want to do it anymore. That’s why there are other ways of accomplishing your dream. People fall out of Network Marketing because they just simply ran out of money and time, before they actually work on what’s most important!

Themselves……yes it’s true!

In order to be successful in the MLM Network Marketing home based business arena, you must develop the skill set and step by step system to succeed. This in turn will assist those you partner with to succeed as well. One important skill set is understanding how to talk to people. If you want to learn this skill, make sure and join my mailing list to learn more about skill sets.

Today let me share one solution, that will have a positve impact on your MLM Network Marketing home based business.

I want you to imagine using the internet all of the time, perhaps just four hours a day will do. Now there is an advertising system that is called viral marketing. In the new world of twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you will learn how to make yourself known to individuals who are in the same business as you. Now I’m not telling you to spam on Facebook or twitter but be present on these viral tools that will help grow your business. A friend knows a friend, that knows another friend who knows you and these people will ask to be a friend, and this is going viral!

Now lets take this much further with a blog! Blogs are everywhere but you are going to make your blog more unique in nature. For example, you will add your twitter badge, your Facebook badge and so on to your blog. Every time you make a new post on how your day is going, on new advertising systems, and so much more, you will add your new posted link on Facebook and also twitter. Believe it or not, people will click on your link and will read your new post. Also, invite them to join your newsletter by adding their name and email address.

This is a very unique way to build your MLM network marketing business and it’s so much fun to do.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is a successful network marketer who assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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  • zynga says:

    i probably would not have guessed this had been splendid a handful years ago then again it is interesting exactly how age alters the manner of how you see varying ideas, many thanks for the piece of writing it is good to read some thing clever now and then in lieu of the standard nonsense mascarading as blogs and forums on the web, i’m going to enjoy a couple of hands of facebook poker, cheers

  • This is just about the rare blogs that have to do with home based businesses that actually gives some value to the reader.

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