Network Marketing (Direct Sales) is NOT just a Numbers Game – To be successful Never Give Up!

Did you watch the video? If not please do.

Powerful stuff huh!

Now,let me start by saying this! Network Marketing, MLM, and Direct Sales are one in the same. I really hate it when people try to explain that one is different then the other. That’s why I like to call these industries, the “Work at Home industry” (WAH).

The WAH industry is an opportunity for the average person to earn above average incomes, with a business they can operate from home.

Here are some truths about the WAH industry that are often not considered by those seeking to venture into this Home Based Business Arena, although with a Network Marketing business everything is set up for you.

• A Network Marketer or Direct Sales professional must work on the Internet today to be successful.
• Every successful Network Marketer currently has or had a Mentor.
• The fact is that about 95 percent of Network Marketers quit within 4 months. Yep 4 Months!

Let me focus on just one, the last one. I am sure the video is quite clear in showing that failure or giving up can cost you great things. It is quite shocking! Why do 95 percent of Network Marketers give up so soon? This is a dilemma that makes building an organization very challenging. We search endlessly for leaders who can create and maintain down-lines (customer bases). Down-line maintenance requires us to replace marketers as soon as they drop out. To overcome this challenge and create down-line stability, we must recognize and understand the reasons why so many Network Marketers quit before they truly get started.

• Some are hopeful that Network Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales is the miracle that will quickly reverse their financial misfortunes and eliminate all of their debt. They fail to see that success takes time.

• Some will succumb to the hype of bad WAH opportunities. They fail to recognize that, when something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

• Some seek to “get rich quick” with little or no effort, Ya RIGHT! They fail to see that success in the WAH industry requires hard work.

• Some expect that the person who referred them will make them rich. They fail to see that success in the WAH industry requires initiative and self-reliance.

• Some have difficulty transitioning from employee to employer (this can be quite challenging). They fail to see that success in Network Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales means being in business for yourself but not by yourself. They are their own motivation.

So how do you avoid these scenarios?

First, you need to change your approach to recruiting (prospecting). Often our down-line partners are created in haste. We sign up anyone and everyone who shows some interest, seeking to build an organization as quickly as possible (yes I agree building fast is better then building slow). The first question you should ask each prospect is “why?”. Why do they want to join this awesome business opportunity? If their “why” is not strong enough, we should not sign them up. If we do, the valuable time and energy we spend to train them will likely be wasted when they quit within a few months.

Screening of prospective WAH marketing partners is a must when building a successful marketing team.

Second, you must change your training tactics. Often the training of new marketing partners is a “one-shot” deal. For training to be successful, it must be strong, concise, thorough, and on-going (thats why a weekly minimum “Team Training” is so critical, with personal one to one coaching happening daily). Our training goal is to help a new marketing partner working from home to get started quickly and gain momentum. A new WAH marketing partner must make money right away (30-90 days) in order to stay interested. Our training program must also help WAH marketing partners to maintain that momentum, keeping them focused and enthusiastic. That momentum and enthusiasm will carry them through the inevitable down times of WAH marketing. On-going training and mentoring is essential, both in creating successful WAH marketing partners and developing them into leaders.

Successful WAH marketing is not just about recruiting and selling. It’s about building relationships (relationshipping not bullshipping). The relationship begins when a prospect answers the question as to why they want to enter into a WAH marketing opportunity. It continues as you teach them the basics of the business. It expands as you mentor them in developing their own down-line partners, and flourishes as you teach them to mentor others.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is a successful network marketer who assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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