One Truth about Network Marketing

Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales or whatever you want to call it works! Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing also work. There are so many success stories, (heck I’m one of them) that for the person who isn’t lazy or who is willing to put forth some consistent effort over a period of time that exceeds 90 days (actually should be more like 2-5 years), that anyone can dramatically change their lifestyle through a network marketing business. The problem is getting you passed the misconceptions that the high polished salesmen toss out to get people to join their quote unquote programs.

So I wanted to post this information regarding some truths about the industry. I am a straight shooter, and don’t like it when people are lead by some BS marketer who isn’t interested in assisting anyone with developing an additional income, all they are interested in is themselves.

Every hear this…..You can sponsor just one or two people and expect your business to take off.

Unless those two people are veterans in the industry and are tired of what they are currently doing…..I say that statement is 99% inaccurate. I didn’t say 100% because I’ve personally met more than one LUCKY individual who did just that. So is the statement, “All you need is two” an accurate statement. No way, no how, it ain’t happening.

The truth is that 99% of other network marketers who grew their income to any solid level of success had to sponsor a lot more people to get their business rolling. By them leading by example, their team did the same thing. That’s how success breads success. So one of the keys to building a successful network marketing business is to get the idea that all you need to do is sponsor one or two people out of your mind.

Instead, make it a MUST to sponsoring 2 to 4 people per month for the next year and you can potentially change your entire financial future. That is just a small mental change that really makes a huge difference. Understand, if you can sponsor 2 people, you can put forth the same amount of effort and sponsor 2 more, but if you stop at just 2 and then wait for them to do the same (from my experience) you have around a 99% chance of failure.

Today the Internet is the way to do Network Marketing. I can “almost” guarantee that anyone who uses a proven system with automation, team building, webinars for training, lead capture pages, and learning to brand YOU….can easily sponsor several partners every month. All it takes is the right automated system – personally I can’t imagine
trying to run my business without automation because all I have to do is concentrate on driving traffic and sit back and allow the system to do the rest.

If you’re trying to build a network marketing business without a system, then you’re already behind the eight ball before you even get started. Start out with an autopilot system to do the important parts of marketing that you don’t understand, so that it is done right, and your odds of success skyrocket.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online business builder and MLM marketing coach in the
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