Secrets to Dealing with Criticism

Nobody likes to be criticised, but unfortunately, it is something that we are bound to receive one time or another. Some of us respond positively with nobility and detachment, yet many others get offended and keep it in until it leads to unnecessary suffering. Dealing with criticism is an important life skill and through it, we have the opportunity to learn and improve ourselves.

Having what I would like to call….a successful sports background, I got criticized all the time. Coaches would yell at me, all the time, in an effort to push me and get the most they could out of me. I guess early on in my sports background, I didn’t think I had the qualities to be a leader. But thanks to thier persistance I developed those leadership qualities that I am able to teach others to obtain. I see it in my children today when they are playing sports. They don’t like criticism, I mean who does? So what I want to share with you are some tips to better handle any criticism you may encounter.

Tip #1 – Respond to the suggestions, not the tone of the criticism

People may make valuable criticism as suggestions. However, their tone and manner of criticism may appear aggressive or confrontational, and that is what we respond to rather than to the suggestions they are giving right? You must learn to separate the criticism from the style of criticism. Detach your emotions from the useful suggestions that may lie within that aggressive critcism.

Tip #2 – Value criticism

The problem we have quite often is that we don’t value criticism because we only value praise or recognition. You’re happy when people speak kind words, but miserable when they criticize right? But because criticism can be constructive, you can only progress by inviting it rather than expecting praise which might be insincere or non flattering.

Tip #3 – Don’t take it personally

This is the major problem which occurs with regard to criticism. When people criticize us directly, we should feel they are not criticizing our real self but just a misunderstood aspect of ourselves or what we may be trying to get across in conversation.

Tip #4 – Ignore false criticism

Sometimes we are criticized for no reason or justification and this can be painful. In cases like this, ignore it. If we remain silent and detached then the criticism is given no energy. But if we somehow fight it, we are giving it more importance than it deserves. Maintain a dignity that others will come to respect.

Tip #5 – Don’t react immediately

Responding too quickly because of feelings of anger or bruised pride may leave us regretting later on. Wait patiently and you will be able to rationalize and reflect in a calmer way.

Tip #6 – Always SMILE

Smiling, even if it is a fake one, can help us to relax more. It creates a more positive vibe. And if smiling actually aggravates the other person, then at least you know you’ve got one over on them.

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