Social Network Marketing Rules for Newbies

OK, be honest with yourself here. How often have you felt like a total dork when people start talking about “getting on” Social Network marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Direct Matches or in the old days MySpace?

I’ll have to admit, for the longest time, I myself never really “got it” and how to conduct yourself on those kinds of sites.

What I always saw on there people “friending” each other, using automation tools to add masses of friends, spamming the he** out of each others inboxes saying things like “This is a can’t miss opportunity” or “Go here to learn how to get 100,000 Twitter followers” or such nonsense like that.

But really, thats not the purpose of it all, nor the best use of it by any means.

Personally, I’m a pretty straight forward guy, ex corporate guy who saw things as kind of black and white. Do this, test and tweak it and either it works, or you improve on it.

Anyway, what you see here are 3 rules for “Us” Social Network Marketing Newbies to live by.

  • Rule #1 Spam unto others…..and people will hate you
  • Don’t go out and endlessly tweet or post on peoples walls or email them about how you are offering “mentorship” or ” a great system” or anything like that.

    Your main objective is to connect with others and interact with them, and let them know how cool you are. It’s all about “Relationshipping and Friendshipping”.

  • Rule #2 Give first, before you receive
  • Social Network Marketing is all about interaction and sharing. But how do you start off interacting with others? You can comment about their “stuff” or content that they promote. Better yet, go ahead and “re-tweet” other peoples information and help promote THEM first.

    This will help get you noticed as someone who is helping them get what they want and makes them much more likely to check out what you have.

  • Rule #3 Be a part of the conversation….because it’s going on right now
  • An old adage in marketing is to “get inside the customers head and talk to what they are thinking and what their problems are”.

    On places like Twitter or Facebook, people are ALWAYS talking about their problems and what is on their mind right.

    – “My kids are sick”
    – “I can’t get any leads for my business”
    – “I feel so tired”
    – “I hate pestering my family and friends in my business”

    And silly little things like that.

    If your business or product can help them alleviate any pain, or achieve any kind of pleasure that they are going on about, and you are present there with information to help them out (again, do not spam them), you have found yourself a very eager customer or business partner.

    Happy Marketing,

    Gerry Schroeder

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    Gerry Schroeder is an expert online business builder and MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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