Two Kinds of Poeple – It’s Your Mindset

There are two kinds of People in the World:

1. Those who watch reality television…

2. And those who CREATE their own reality.

Everybody knows in order to make more, you must become more.

Abraham Lincoln said, “If you gave me six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” In other words, he’d spend TWICE as much time working on HIMSELF than he would on the task.

Most accomplished people will tell you….all the know-how in the world is worth NOTHING without the correct mind-set.

So how do you get into the right mindset?

Well for most people, that word “mindset” makes them uncomfortable. Because most people in MLM never realize that they have everything they require to succeed in Network Marketing.

Most people do not fail in Network Marketing….they quit.

Failure in MLM is the blaming game of quitting.

Quitting is a Loser’s mindset.

Ya I know it sounds harsh. It’s true. Giving up and quiting is what the weak minded do!

Most new Network Marketers don’t have the proper mindset to get through the tough times. This is true for the entire Work From Home arena. Most folks develop that so called “Lottery” mindset. Thinking that MLM is a lottery and all they have to do is wait and hope for the win without doing any work.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Have you ever worked with people like this?

Take some time to watch the video below.

That video shows what it takes to have a Winner’s Mindset. I love Rocky!

The Winner’s Mindset is a mindset of knowing that no matter what happens in your life and career, you will keep getting up off the ground and continue to move forward till the finish line is in front of you, and most importantly, you cross it.

A new Network Marketer often tries playing the game. They are going to try MLM and see what happens. That is a Loser’s mindset. They make their mind up that they will give their new Network Marketing business a certain time frame (60 days usually….man that’s dumb), and if it doesn’t produce what they want it to, then they’re out.

They work their Network Marketing business on their terms, their time frame, not the terms nor time frame that MLM requires. And they expect massive success…..Ya OK…..Dumb, Dumb, Dumb! Is your head getting sore from banging it against the wall yet? Mine did…….LOL!

That is just plain WRONG.

Network Marketing requires you to have a “No matter what” mindset, and No Matter What, you will continue to work and do what is required till success shows up.

Success in MLM requires many things: Skillset, Mindset, Determination, Discipline, Attitude, Communication, Focus, Belief, and Action and so much more.

The Winner’s Mindset requires: Delayed Gratification

You MUST have patience. There is a learning curve to all new skills. You see it in careers, in jobs, in business, and it’s also here in Network Marketing. That’s why you must look at what your Mindset must be, as it will be tested during your early months of your business (that’s like the first 6, not the first 1 GOT IT).

Very Successful Network Marketers (those who earn in excess of 5 figures a month), have a mindset like a run away freight train running down a mountain. They simply will not be denied, nor stopped, nor slowed down. They are focused on “All out Massive Action” and will win “No Matter What”. Failure is not an option. They have mastered the “Skill Set”, and will not be denied success!

Hey that sounds like me……..anyway……these very same Very Successful Network Marketers do not take their business for granted. They saw it as their “way out” and went for it….but…..and here’s the BIG but……They continue to go for it!

Your learning reality must set in. You will get discouraged, frustrated, as all entrepreneurs do….that’s ok. It is part of the learning curve, and we all go through it. Your mindset must be strong! You must not be denied! It’s a must to stay connected to your support team!

  • Call your upline support team members or go out to lunch with them and see what they do when they get down.
  • Read a motivational book or listen to an inspiring cd, and see yourself succeeding in MLM.

    And always remember this. It takes heart to be successful in anything. Never give up and never give in to your doubts….then you WILL succeed.

    Happy Marketing,

    Gerry Schroeder

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    Gerry Schroeder is a successful network marketer who assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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