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I live in beautiful Northern Ontario Canada. I am married to the most incredible woman. She’s my best friend and soul mate. Together we’ve been blessed with two AWESOME children. I am honored to be a father! As a family we enjoy spending time and doing things together, and are huge basketball fans….”Go Raptors”.

I have a background in Chemical Engineering, and worked in the mining industry for many years, the majority on the corporate side in management. I had the mindset that working hard and developing a career would allow you to have all the things in life you wanted. Boy was I wrong! It’s not what you want, it’s what you deserve that counts. No one needs or wants anything, but we all deserve more! It’s all about mindset and how we are programmed. It’s our programming that must change!

Network Marketing has taught me so much. I was fortunate to find several mentors, teachers and Network Marketing and Internet Marketing so called gurus who mentored me for years. I continue to learn and develop myself on a daily basis! This mentoring was the ultimate training I required in order to become a very successful Network Marketer and now, a trainer, coach, author and speaker for the industry.

I have over 20 years in the home business industry especially in online and Network Marketing. Being a Professional Network Marketer, Mentor and Coach I am blessed to work from my home, and have the freedom to do what I want when I want and with whom I want. I have many incredible relationships in the home based business arena, and I’m currently working with some of the most wonderful people who have the desire to step out of the box, and work towards reaching their goals and dreams no matter what.

I enjoy assisting people to succeed in their home business, whatever that business might be. All of the training and coaching I do can assist anyone with a home based business, to succeed online and off.

I grew up in a family of 7, which wasn’t always easy. There were many challenges. Like using the only bathroom we had (one bathroom for 9… yeesh), to jamming into a car that only held 5 so we could visit relatives or go on trips. I love my family dearly. My 2 brothers, 4 sisters and wonderful parents. I learned early on it was survival of the fittest. Dinner was always crazy, and if you were late, well you may not eat. My parents were AWESOME while growing up and I learned so many valuable lessons. From a good work ethic, treating others the way you want to be treated, respecting your elders and having a competitive spirit.

I was big into sports and always worked hard to be the best I could be. I think sports, especially team sports, allowed me to develop and maintain a competitive spirit….you know that “together everyone achieves more (T.E.A.M) attitude”! This attitude is so important in anything you do.

My parents didn’t have good educations, and what they lacked in education they made up in work ethic. Being of German decent, my parents were the hardest working people I knew. No one could out work my dad. He would never give up. He always found a way to get things done. I remember one evening while I was studying for exams my father shared some wisdom with me, that I hold so close and share with everyone I work with. I was getting frustrated, tired and just about ready to pack it in. My father noticed this came over to the table and sat down and just started talking to me. Asking me how my day was, how Volleyball practice was and what happened at school. Then he asked me if I truly wanted to be the best. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. My father replied……you want to be a great Volleyball player right, you want to be a Chemical Engineer right, and you want to be in the top of your class right. Of course I said…ya. Then my father said…..NEVER GIVE UP! ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. My father passed away in 2005 after battling cancer, and he is truly missed.


Doesn’t that make sense, and now I understand it’s about what you deserve in life and not want you want that makes the difference in who becomes successful and who doesn’t.

As a network marketing veteran I use the Internet quite extensively, while maintaining the honored positions of husband and dad to my wife and children. I’m also a team player to those I work with professionally and love focusing on new entrepreneurs who have embraced this wonderful industry.

My passion is empowering other individuals, and new entrepreneurs, who have embraced the work from home industry to believe in themselves in all areas of their lives by developing a “No Matter What Attitude”.

I look forward to Relationshipping and Friendshipping with you. Please, if there is anything I can do to assist you with reaching your deserved goals and dreams let me know.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder
Skype: gerry.schroeder
Off: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online business builder and MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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