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Finding an Affordable Web Hosting Provider

Getting online and branding yourself online are two completely different animals.

Today I want to share with you the importance of affordable and reliable hosting. When you have created your website the next thing to do is to host it on the internet. What you will need is a reliable and affordable Web Hosting provider that will take care of your website. I recommend GVO. As you know, most people do not have the ability to create, manage and take care of their own web server. So, it’s best to learn this slowly and choose a consistent and Affordable Web Hosting provider that will assist with these challenges. This search is not so easy.

It is easy to browse through the search engines for the best and most Affordable Web Hosting provider. Go ahead, give it a shot…..type your request in the search bar at Google and watch thousands of companies appear on your computer screen that will provide you with Affordable Web Hosting Service with various hosting plans and different sets of prices along with their own special features. It is really typical and challenging to compare and find the exact differences between Affordable Web Hosting companies.

Would it be OK if you were referred to an excellent hosting company, by someone who has been on the Internet for more than 15 years? Most people agree that referrals from more successful people are what has allowed them to become successful themselves.

OK, let me say that you should seriously forget about Free hosting services. They are not sound as Affordable Web Hosting for any business. You will be given limited amounts of disk space and bandwidth, which will just cause challenges down the road.

Affordable Web Hosting usually runs around the 25 – 50 dollar mark on a monthy basis.

Remember that is just hosting! What about video? What about autoresponders? What about generating leads? What about a professional online office? All of these additional tools are a must have if you are going to operate a business online? Especially if you are going to brand yourself!

Again….I recommend GVO!

Everything at a “One Stop Shop” for less than 50 bucks a month!

In the online business world, website uptime is very important! Every time your website is down, your business will suffer a loss. One of the major advantage of renting web space with an Affordable Web Hosting provider is that some one else is
responsible for maintaining your website all the time. This way you can concentrate on other business deals and most importantly marketing. Look for a hosting company with a reputation and an availability of at least 99% or better, when searching for an Affordable Web Hosting provider.

Secret…….GVO has all that and more!

Security measures should never be over looked when searching for an Affordable Web Hosting Company. Proper security measures like SSL (Secure Socket Layer), firewall, password facility; authentication technique etc. are provided with every Affordable Web Hosting plan. Maintaining a web server with an Affordable Web Hosting is not just another cup of tea for a business owner. It is also possible that as a business owner you do not have any knowledge and experience in how to create a website or blog for that matter. So, it is advisable to ensure the Affordable Web Hosting provider that you choose has expert designers for your website with technical support that will create an effective website for your company.

As I mentioned GVO has been offering the latest and most Affordable Web Hosting services at industry’s lowest prices. Our Affordable Web Hosting Company utilizes an advanced fail safe network, 100% uptime for superior speed and connectivity. So many tools your head will spin….:)

Our Affordable Web Hosting packages include virus and spam protected email. We excel in providing the clients with proficient Affordable Web Hosting solutions, reliability, affordability, and promotional discounts. We also pay you to promote us so you can get your account paid for. It is a user friendly hosting service which offers excellent support, virtual web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and reseller web hosting. You also get Video production software, unlimited autorespondesr, an online conference room (your office) and so much more! Our Affordable Web Hosting Solution gives corporate, home based business, mlm, network marketing, and Internet marketing enterprises the leading edge in online communication while reinforcing the online brand of the organization.

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Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online business builder and MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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Take Advantage of Home Business Tax Breaks

Yep, it’s getting to be that time of year! So I thought I would share some advantages of operating a business from home.

Do you have a home based business?

Running a home based business has many advantages: no commute, you can dress how you want (well, most of the time), easy access to your children, etc. One extra advantage of a sideline home-based business is that you often qualify for extra tax breaks.

When you use part of your home for business, you’re allowed to deduct a “pro-rated” share of expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, real estate taxes, security system, home insurance premiums, heat, water, electricity, air conditioning and depreciation.

If your office space covers 500 square feet and your home is 2,000 square feet, 25% of your home expenses qualify. You can also deduct the pro-rated portion of any repairs or maintenance of your home that “benefit” your home office. Cosmetic upkeep — aluminum siding and landscaping, for example — are a bit more difficult.

Be aware that these deductions send up a red flag to the tax people. Don’t be scared off, just be prepared to justify, justify, justify the deductible portion of the cost. For added protection in the U.S., file IRS Form 8829 with your tax return to explain why you need your home office and how it is used.

The amount you can deduct for your home office expenses can’t be more than your business’s net income, after you’ve deducted your business expenses, such as supplies, travel expenses and phone charges. For example, if you have $4,000 in deductions, you can deduct the entire amount, as long as your business had at least $4,000 in net profit. Home office expenses that exceed your net income can be carried over to succeeding years as a loss.

To qualify for these tax breaks, your home office must be the main place where your goods and services are provided to customers and your revenues are generated. You can maximize your tax breaks, and keep more of what you earn if you:

1. Use your home office exclusively for business

The tax people won’t let you take a deduction for your kitchen, just because you use the kitchen table as your desk. You must have a separate room or partitioned area that’s devoted to business use.

2. List your home address as your principal place of business

Even if part of your business, like a warehouse, is outside your home. Make sure you have a desk, filing cabinet and separate phone line for your business.

3. Store your merchandise or supplies on your property

Use a detached shed, spare closet or your garage — instead of renting a warehouse. You’ll save on rental costs and get a tax break for the space you use.

4. If your business is completely Internet based

Have books, computer, and what ever else is needed to operate your Internet based business in your office. And don’t forget children are a great tax right off…..:0

Check with your local tax person and let them know you have a home based business, and they will be more than happy to assist you with getting the proper documentation ready. My tax guy has saved me thousands in taxes because I operate my business from my home.

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Home Based Marketing Business Tax Advantage Strategies

So many people today, just don’t understand the power of having a home based business, especially in the Network Marketing MLM arena! The cost to start such a business is very low compared to traditional businesses and can generate more time freedom and more money for those who really deserve it.

And just the tax advantages alone, make it an easy decision to start a small business from. Even if it’s not Network Marketing or MLM (yep I am an advocate of this industry).

So here’s a question……Could you use an extra $3000 to $9000 per year? Honestly….would that be ok?

Every North American taxpayer who works full time and does not have a home-based business is overpaying on taxes to the tune of between $3000 to $9000 per year….ok I’ll wait until you pick yourself back off the floor. Easy does it, you feeling a bit dizzy? Well you should!

Did you know the taxes that you pay are your largest expenses in an average family? It exceeds what you will pay for food, clothing and shelter combined. The average person spends over 42% of his/her gross income on taxes. That means you are working until about May 1st of each year just to support the government!

Here’s the good news.

There are numerous tax breaks as incentives for small business owners. Owning your own home-based network marketing business is the best way to take advantage of some of these breaks. Because as I mentioned start up investment is very small.

So what are some of the tax advantages that are available to network marketers? The list is quite extensive, so here are some of the biggest breaks…..computer, auto, travel, food and entertainment.

Your capital costs of a computer, its software and even Internet access can be deductible when used is a home based business. Related items may be a web site if your company has one, it’s domain name and the web hosting.

Your transportation can also be deductible. When driving to and from an appointment your business mileage can be deducted or the expenses of operating the car such as gas, oil changes, maintenance and even the cost of the vehicle can be depreciated.

Do you like to golf or dine out? When you take a potential customer/distributor to a sporting event, golfing, or a meal to discuss your business opportunity these activities are tax deductible. If you took a friend or family member instead, it would not be a tax break. To qualify, you would need to discuss your business with a potential client. This is where gift certificates come in very handy. Just ask your tax professional that completes your taxes more about gift certificates.

Vacation travel can work the same way. Let’s say that your network marketing company has a meeting or some kind of event in a warm vacation destination. You conduct your business at the meetings and maybe stay a day or two longer and play. Your airfare, rental car, lodging and meals would all qualify as a deduction.

The key to all of the tax incentives and more is to treat your business as a business, not as a hobby. The intent of your business is to make a profit. This does not mean that you have to make a profit, but a reasonable effort has to be made. Work your business. Profit is what we all want right? Keep good records of your business activities with a good log book and you will have no trouble with the intent.

Having a home based network marketing business has endless advantages with unlimited income, more free time to do the things that you want by assisting others with obtaining what they want. When you find a good network marketing company you will look forward to Mondays and not just live for the weekends. If you are not involved in network marketing you are missing out on some tremendous tax breaks and other opportunities.

Get involved….it will change the way you live!

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder
Skype: gerry.schroeder
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Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

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