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Why is Action so Essential to your Business Success?

Are you an action taker? Are you willing to take the action necessary in order to get the results you deserve? If you deserve to have the level of success in your business that you truly deserve, it’s important for you to fully appreciate the necessity of becoming an action taker and you must understand the reasons why the actions you take in your business determine your results.

You are either willing to take action or not, period!

Creating a new, more successful future means creating a new you. And that implies taking action to change the decisions you’ve been making, the thoughts you’ve been thinking and the actions you’ve been taking in your business.

Remember, wealth and prosperity evades the person who chooses inaction. You must be willing to seize the opportunities as they are presented. Understand that the world is full of opportunities, and if you choose inaction, the opportunities will pass you by.

You see this so often. People getting caught up in over analyzing whether or not to seize the opportunity that’s in front of them. It may be a new business opportunity or new business idea, or it may be an investment or a financial opportunity, or perhaps it’s something as simple as placing a new ad. They become so hesitant to make a decision about whether they’re in or they’re out, that they literally choose not to take any action. And so then the opportunity is gone.

Have you ever had any regrets over an action you chose not to take? Perhaps it was an investment opportunity that you passed up which could have made you a fortune, a great idea that was worth a million bucks, and you sat on it and someone else ran with it, or perhaps it was a business decision you chose not to make and had you gone for it, could have made all the difference in your life.

What is your pattern of behavior in your business?

Recognize that whatever you see is a reflection of your leadership. Identify the opportunities you have right in front of you right now that merely requires you to take the action to truly make a difference and build your business.

You’re the CEO of you! The leader of your own business and your life. What would you expect the CEO of you to do?

Do you expect the CEO of you to be the leader who confidently moves forward on the path to building your business success and dreams…..Or…..Do you expect the CEO of you to be hesitant, tentative and indecisive.

It really all comes down to a matter of choice.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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7 Basic Skills for Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing is evolving every single day. It’s becoming the profession many of us are proud to be part of, while others believe it is still one of those pyramid things. It’s really too bad, that more people wouldn’t take the time to see the amazing career opportunity Network Marketing really is. Wait a minute, what am I saying, it’s wonderful that most people believe Network Marketing is a pyramid scam or scheme because it allows those of us with the vision to spread the word and assist those who believe to create an incredible income stream for themselves and for others.

The questions still remains, can anyone be successful in the Network Marketing Profession? My simple answer is Yes and No!

Not unless the person is willing to do non-average, abnormal, weird and unusual things. And do those things a LOT.


So here are 7 Basic Skills for Success in Network Marketing

1. Talk to People (TTP)

With the amazing power of the internet, along with the rise of social media, we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our home to be able to find people to talk to. If you have a computer, an internet connection and a telephone you can build a very successful Network Marketing business from your home office. Talking to people isn’t just about belly to belly, cheek to cheek, bum to bum anymore. It’s about finding people who are looking for you! Talking to people who are looking for a change in their life. And we won’t find anyone if we don’t talk to people. That can be verbal communication or online chat in social media locations or even email. And please understand this, there will come a time when you will have to speak to your prospects over the phone to build a successful business. So understand the phone in my opinion is a key component to your Network Marketing Success. You can find all kinds of people to talk to out there, but you must talk to them! It really is a numbers game!


2. Become a Professional Inviter

I can’t stress this enough. This is one of the most important skills you must master in order to be a success with your Network Marketing business. Learning what to say and how to say it is key!


3. Inform

Use people that are better at explaining your opportunity than you are. Utilize websites, webinars, funnels, conference calls etc. I always say, let the system do the explaining. Systems work and people fail! All you have to do is make sure you have the inviting part down and you will get people in front of the information.


4. Closing (ABC)

You must always ask for the close! If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Questions are key here, and making people understand you care and are the right person for them to be partnering with. Third party validation by someone you work with, who is knowledgeable and has some success in your Network Marketing business would be perfect to connect with on the phone utilizing a three-way phone properly.


5. Follow Up

Here is where the rubber meets the road. You’ve heard it before, the money is in the follow up. It may take people 5, 6, 7 or more times to be exposed to something before making a decision. And no one way is the right way. You may offer someone a first exposure via a webinar, perhaps another via a funnel and even another just via an information site. But you must be following up and tracking your follow ups. This comes back to doing uncomfortable things over and over that most people will not do. So be uncomfortable and watch things happen.


6. Involve

Once your prospect has made the decision to partner with you, now is the time to plug them into your system. Using the products or service and obtaining results, then telling people about those results is the most important part of your Network Marketing business. And is really the simplicity of your Network Marketing business. You must inform them as to how the system works, and walk them through it step by step. If you do this step correctly, you will see duplication quickly ensue and massive growth and culture will be created.


7. Build to the next BIG Event

Whether you are having an event online, in a convention center or where ever, building to the next event can seriously explode your Network Marketing business. When involving people in your Network Marketing business you must be calendaring with them, so they know when the next events are. And when you do presentations or small local meetings these events must always be promoted, so people can meet others doing the exact same thing….making life better with Network Marketing.


Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

Why Do MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales Start Ups Do This?

Well I can tell you I have been on the end of a termination with a company. A termination that wasn’t warranted, and was completely false! So it’s still being fought! In the mean time, I did what was ethically right and morally correct. I waited out my one year before speaking to anyone in that company about anything I was doing. I actually spent 8 months researching the industry and looking for a home for the VERY last time.

I didn’t ask for money!

I didn’t ask for a contract!

And I didn’t give any company visions of grandeur of what I can do in this wonderful profession of Network Marketing!
You see, I am a Network Marketing Professional! I enjoy building people and watching them become successful. So why would a company like EPIC do what they are doing? In my opinion it’s to attract people to their company! Not for the business or the products, but just for the money! And in my opinion it’s plain wrong! What are your thought?

Breaking MLM News: Evolv Health Files Corporate Espionage Allegations And Receives TRO Against EPIC, eCosway, Glen Jenson And Others

Thanks Troy for sharing…..


Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
Office: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.


Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

It’s a New Year and Time to Crush It!

What a year 2013 was! It was a year of change. Many changes happened for me, and I am blessed with everyone of them! Are you making time to do the things that are important to you? In my opinion many of us get caught up in work and in other things that we have to do and we forget to make time to do the things we really want to do. For example, if you have a book that you’ve been trying to read for the past year and you continue to tell yourself that eventually you will find the time to finish it…chances are you won’t. You have to make it happen. Set some time aside specifically for that purpose each day or once a week and make it happen. Achieve one small goal that you’ve been setting aside and this might give you some fuel to complete others. Make a decision today to make time and stop trying to find it.You will never find time for anything. You must make it!

Wishing all my friends and family to live their PRIME Lifestyle and obtain their PRIME Health in 2014! That’s total health, total wealth, total success as you define it, total abundance, total love, total strength, total sharing, total caring and most importantly total personal growth! Become the person you deserve to be in 2014…and I will be right there every step of the way cheering you on as your biggest fan!

Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

Secret to Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

In my opinion, the secret to building a successful network marketing business is to have a simple duplicatable system in place for everyone to win. The system must consist of a few simple actions that can be repeated consistently by a large number of people over a continuous period of time.

With this system you must be able to introduce your next-door neighbor exactly as you would someone half way around the world. With technology today a simple introduction for a prospect would be a webiste that captures their information and informs you they have taken that step and are viewing the information found behind that capture page. And once they have finished reviewing that tool the next step is to introduce them to one of your business partners on the phone (3rd party validation), then perhaps bring them to a webinar to see the group excitment or to a group conference call.

“For example, to introduce a friend of mine, I don’t sit down with them and give a two-hour presentation. I say something like, ‘I’m launching a new business I’m excited about. Are you interested in making money?’ If they say, yes, I say, Great! I’m going to send you a link to a website of mine. As soon as you’ve reviewed the information, I’m going to introduce you to my business partner on the phone, and that business partner can be local or long distance who validates everything which in turn does the same with me.


I’ll say something like….”I need your opinion on something….would you be open to grabbing a coffee and letting me run something by you….just some highlights about a company I’m pretty excited about….does that sound fair?” If they say, yes, I say, Great! “What day works best for you….Monday or Thursday?” Then I get a solid commitment and meet them for that coffee and run just some highlights by them, and then if they are interested in more information I’ll give them the link to a website or I will just continue.

I believe the simplicity of this process attracts people to want to do it themselves. That’s duplication!

Times have changed, it’s not as time-intensive as the traditional network marketing model, where people come home from work and then have to go back out and drive to a meeting. That’s what I love about it. People can get thier lives back.”

By using tools to do the initial work, you can use time more wisely and only invest your energy with people who show serious potential and commitment.

Building Your Network Marketing Business

Work ethic is a big piece of growing your Network Marketing business. The key is to not do everything for your partners. If someone calls or emails and asks for information, point them to a tool or to the company itself. Don’t feed them all the answer.

This is the culture you must develop. Your partners must understand exactly how you work, which will make them stronger. This way they will know what to do in each situation, because your firm on systems. Organizational culture is entirely built on the concept of using third-party resources. You can test and tweak a lot of prospecting and training tools to find what works best and what is most duplicable. And don’t just say you won’t use something until you try it. Then if it doesn’t work for you, find something or build something that does!

Network Marketing is a warm market business. By warm market, I mean not only family and friends, but anyone you come in contact with, such as the UPS guy or the lady behind the counter at the dry cleaners. Along with online Social Media sites you may be a part of. Remember your contacting people to sort and looking for those with large contact bases who can move your business forward.

Your contact list is always growing. It’s kind of a living, breathing list. If you’re truly excited about what you’re doing, you will naturally recognize who to share it with. Some networkers feel it’s more comfortable to talk to people they don’t know. That’s fine, although I’ve have found that if you really believe in your opportunity, you want to first tell the people you are already in contact with.

Something everyone must focus one is to be always be enrolling new partners into your network. The goal is to expose new people to the business every day, no matter where they are. Especially in today’s economy, there’s tons of people who would love for someone to offer them the opportunity to generate an additional income from home. The way to introduce it is by asking questions, being a good listener, and simply offering them this gift. It’s no sweat off your back if they say no. Our responsibility is just to offer it to them and let them make their own decision.

Sometimes we share our excitement with a contact, who just kind of joins. And the person isn’t fully engaged, and doesn’t see what we see. When we care about people, we have a tendency to want success for them more than they want it for themselves, and we spend time with the wrong people, instead of with the ones who really deserve it. Remember this is a business.

Also, the nature of our business includes some attrition….people leaving or just plain giving up! This is where your core team partners gets stronger because the ones who are truly dedicated are still there, and they’re not going anywhere. Once you understand this, you will no longer get discouraged when some people drop out, because you know you are building a secure, committed group and long term business.

Networking must become part of everything you do! And you must continue developing and empowering leaders, who in turn will duplicate the system.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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How to Build a Prospecting Pipeline – It’s all about Sorting!

In the home based business arena, as with the oil industry, building your pipeline is critical. Although it’s your prospecting pipeline which is key here…..:)

Networking professionals must have a good pipeline of potential prospects and customers to call. Whom do you call? Where do you find those people? And, when you find them, what do you say?

Looking for people who may have an interest in doing business with you is called “sorting.” You’re sorting through people to find those who want to try your products, earn extra income, build a career in the networking marketing profession or secure an alternate retirement plan. Network marketing is not a “convincing” business. Serious Business Professionals in this industry are out in the community or online in social media looking for people whose needs they can fill with the products or opportunity they represent.

Did you get that??


Filling your prospecting pipeline becomes enjoyable once you understand that you are simply sorting. Prospecting can, and will be an adventure or a game once you understand it. Ask yourself questions that will help you identify how you will benefit others with your products and services. “Who can I help today….Whose life can I begin to change today….How can I serve the people in my community, What social site can I start relationshipping in?” Having this focused attitude, will allow you to be ready daily to build your pipeline of prospective customers, clients and even business builders.

The Easiest Questions

There are many techniques for building a prospecting pipeline. One of the simplest methods is found in the power of these seven words, “Can I give you my business card?” and then pausing. Wait for them to answer and give you permission, which is 99% of the time. The pause is powerful! When you’re checking out at the grocery store, waiting in line at the post office or airport, or paying your bill at a restaurant, just smile and say, “Can I give you my business card?”

Online in social sites, you may just ask….”If I give you a website, would you look at it?”

The interesting part of these simple marketing methods is people always ask, “What do you do?” And when they do ask, you must be ready with a simple one sentence reply that will create curiosity. People who are in the weight loss industry may say, “I help people lose weight and get in shape.” People in the skin care industry might reply, “I turn back the hands of time.” More business focused people may say, “I help people work less and make more,” or, “I party for a living,” or “I’m a second income coach.”

Whatever your response is….one of two things will happen. Your prospects may just say “thanks” and put the card in their pocket, or they may show interest in your products or your company. If they ask for more information, that’s when you get their business card or contact information, “I would love to tell you more about my business. Let me get your name and phone number, I’ll give you a call, does that sound fair?”

You can come home from running errands, lunch out or time at the fitness center with three to five good, solid leads. To remind yourself to ask these simple questions, put five business cards in your pocket and don’t return home until you have handed them all out.

And remember follow-Up is key!

The purpose of the follow-up phone call is to set up a time to meet with them for fifteen to twenty minutes to share some highlights or to just give them a website that captures their information with information for them to view, or invite them to a webinar or conference call. Let the system do the work. All you have to get good at is being a professional inviter.

Oh you don’t have a system? Then develop one. That’s what I do!

Now, there are many ways to be visible and build your prospecting pipeline. You must let your friends, neighbors, business associates, relatives and people in the community know you have something to share that will benefit them. Everything you do to advertise your business for potential partners or for new customers starts with you.

Do you have a firm handshake? A genuine smile? A positive attitude? A blog? Social Media sites?

Do you keep developing your skill set?

Are you confident in your products and in your opportunity, so you feel comfortable speaking at meetings and conferences?

Your number one mission in the network marketing, direct sales work from home arena is to find people who want to do business with you. Always be prepared by having well-designed, attractive business materials with you—and don’t be afraid to ask for business. You are in the sorting business.

Always be professional, by having a plan and knowing what you are going to say when you begin the conversation. And always follow-up with a phone call.

As in sports, your network marketing business is no difference. Practice makes perfect….or pretty darned close.


Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
Office: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

Direct Sales and the Direct Selling Industry is Booming

No matter what you refer to it as….MLM, Network Marketing or Party Plan the Direct Selling Industry is booming. And I am proud to be a part of it. Today it’s a profession that contributes billions of dollars annually in direct sales throughout the world in retail and wholesale. Mostly based as commissionable to those who pursue it as a business or profession.

Just 10 years ago, annual direct sales world wide was right around $85 billion, with approximately 47 million people participating as direct sales associates. Today as indicated by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) President, Mr. Joe Mariano, the numbers are much larger! It has now almost doubled to $150 billion in sales globally and 90 million direct selling associate’s worldwide. And in my opinion this growth won’t stop. The opportunity in the MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plan or Direct Selling industry is better today than it was 10 years ago.


Well, because of the Internet of course!

Social Media and younger entrepreneurs are causing an incredible insurgence in growth. However the “Know Like and Trust” Factor must still be enforced. Relationshipping and friendshipping and not bullshipping people is key! We must stay true to the industry of utilizing proper training, mentoring and coaching to allow people to succeed. Personal Growth and Development in the Direct Selling Industry is unlike any other educational platform available. And it works if you work it!

This industry is no longer a Baby Boomer industry. The Direct Selling companies growing and attaining great success are those who speak to and appeal to younger audiences. Those who don’t will be left behind or perhaps end up out of business. And this all comes back to selling. Selling is a thinking persons game and can’t be one dimensional.

If they do this….you do that. If they say this….you say that. This kind of marketing training doesn’t work today.

Marketing today, especially in the Network Marketing, MLM, Party Plan Direct Selling industry is about being social. Having fun, and showing people how to have fun and create an additional income while doing it. Through webinars, webcasts, telecasts, blogs, conference calls, social media, personal contact and even through in-home parties. By utilizing the many platforms available, you will definitely appeal to all demographics.

And in my opinion this is what makes a good Direct Selling company GREAT! Don’t get me wrong….if the tools aren’t there to be utilized, then be a leader and create them!

The Direct Selling industry is a place where the average person can create an above average income. And we must understand that even though we are in business for ourselves, we are also representing the Network Marketing, MLM, and Party Plan Direct Selling profession. And we must do so with the utmost of professionalism. We must have our CHI (Character, Honesty and Integrity) always in the right place and treating our customers and business partners fairly and respectfully.

This industry is a 3-5 year plan. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And it can create the kind of lifestyle you deserve. It may take some longer, while others faster. And it’s a team business. It’s not something you can do alone. Network Marketing, MLM and Party Plan Direct Selling will continue to grow and become more well known as the years go by and those who embrace it as a profession, and treat it that way, will grow and prosper making life better for themselves and others.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
Office: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

Unicity International – The Home Based Business Choice in the Wellness Industry

Ok so here’s the deal….everyone in the home based business arena MUST have a Wellness tangible product based business. You can be making all the money in the world, however without your health what have you got?

In my opinion the Wellness Arena will just continue to get larger and larger. It’s what will continue to create millionaires in the future. And that wellness business better fall inside these 8 criteria, which I developed for myself and hope they assist you. I learned my lesson the hard way and after 8 long months of investigations, I don’t want you to!

How I found Unicity International from my 8 Criteria for the Wellness Industry…..

1. Must have a weight loss and energy drink component as part of their product line.

2. Must have a rank based economic plan. Very similar to corporate America wages and bonuses. As you advance your business you earn substantial one time cash incentives. Seed money for long term growth! Most companies don’t have anything like this!

3. Must have Science behind the product line. Like clinical trials and placebo testing done by the company and credible institutions. Like Stanford University and the Cleveland Clinic perhaps. Not just by going to places like pub-med and pub-org to research ingredients.

4. Must be a company with a global reach. With an office in each country and licensed in each country.

5. Must be a company at least 10 years old. No start ups or what if’s.

6. Must have a corporate team or owners who have previously worked in the field themselves and built a successful network marketing organization.

7. Must have the Ability to grow the business online and offline professionally with your own marketing tools and the company’s.

8. Must have a minimum global sales of 350 million per year.

These 8 criteria helped me evaluate over 130 Wellness based company’s, to find the true long term diamond in the rough…Unicity International!

Unicity International is a two decade old 350 million dollar global preventative health care company that is still a secret here in North America. And what blew me away is 30% of our Franchise Partners are physicians. Here’s a video I had Stewart Hughes, Unicity International’s CEO create for me. Stewart Hughes has become a friend and a mentor of mine and what he shares here is quite simply the best opportunity in the Wellness Industry.

For more information, just check out the “Work With Gerry” link at the top of my blog.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
Office: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

Network Marketing / Direct Sales / MLM Compensation Plan Comparisons

First let me state….in my opinion….that Network Marketing, Direct Sales and MLM companies that pay on levels are MLM. I will refer to them as Network Marketing. So, when looking for the right Network Marketing home based business enterprise, there are many factors to consider for your own personal preference. One of the most important factors when looking, in my opinion, is the compensation plan.

Do you ever feel like….some compensation plans are just too difficult to understand. I mean, sometimes you think some crazy nerdy engineer or mathematician must have created it. And trying to figure it out causes your head to swell! Well you’re not alone. Even with my engineering background most compensation plans give me a head ache.

Also, there’s too many variables to share here when considering choosing a network marketing business with regards to product compensation. While some companies are more generous than others in terms of money, you must also consider market saturation of products being sold, training methodology, sales tools and aids, residual income considerations, outside benefits, personal support, availabilty to market online or offline as an individual using technology…like blogs…marketing systems…funnelling programs and so much more.

For example…Avon is listed on MLM Company Rankings as #1, and while I can remember my mother having a couple of Avon parties, it’s definitely not a business suited for someone like me LOL. Avon, in my opinion, is for the most part a business for women. So your overall prospect base is severely limited. In addition, not everyone can sell skin care and cosmetics or has interest in doing so.

Make sure your company selection process confirms that it’s not only legitimate…meaning it’s licensed with offices in the countries it’s doing business in. It also gets you excited about the products because you will use them yourself.

So partner with a company you feel good about. No Network Marketing company can truly state that they are better than another. And please make sure the company is at least 5 years old! It’s also good to check out the corporate team online. Just google them and see if there are any red flags you feel uncomfortable about. Having trust in the corporate team is paramount. You don’t want to build a serious global business, and then have your income taken away from you because of mismanagement or some stupid policy violation that is most likely fabricated. Remember, you are building a Network Marketing business because you want long term passive income (income that comes in month after month for what you have done in the past).

Here is a short list, again in my opinion, of important factors to consider when narrowing your search down based on products.

1. Do they fill a NEED (will people want it/them)
2. Can anyone use them
3. Are they consumable (re-orders)
4. Automatic Orders – ease of use (your insurance policy)
5. Scientifically Backed by the company (documented even with clinical trials)
6. Wow Factor (people notice a difference in days not months)
7. Priced competitively
8. Good retail program for obtaining customers

Spend the time researching….a few serious days….even a week. And you will be much better off for it! And asking questions is paramount!

If you’re looking into the Network Marketing arena, as a viable business idea, in my opinion you are making a good decision. The Network Marketing business model is growing every single year. Thousands of companies start up each year and go out of business almost just as fast, which means it’s definitely a business model worth looking at. Just like the many technology companies popping up every year competing in the computer industry. More and more people are thinking about Network Marketing because it’s a viable home based business that will create life changing incomes for those who work hard. And in my opinion, working hard for say 2 – 5 years is not much of a sacrifice. Especially when I’m talking about 6-10 hours a week part time. A word of caution though, look hard and long at the  economic business model the company offers. More importantly understand it!

There are a number of things to consider:

I’m going to assume, you’ve looked around and found a company you have an interest in. You’ve done your due diligence and weighed up all the information you found.

Be aware, you will often hear complaints come from people who may have tried the Network Marketing model who didn’t create any income. Maybe they were misled into believing a Network Marketing business was simple. You try hard at your job don’t you? And if you have a business outside the home you work very hard at it also, right? Nothing is simple!

Now when looking and perhaps interviewing support teams….did they leave out the information about the compensation plan? Did you even bother to ask? And if you did was the explanation so complicated that you just don’t get it?

Here’s the deal. A lot of Network Marketing financial rewards programs are actually not hard to understand if you take the time to figure it all out on paper. This is one of the many things you must be putting down on paper to understand…including a plan of action and some personal and business goals. Forget all of the fancy terms and language. Do not be disturbed about completely understanding the biggest difference between a matrix, breakaway, binary, unilevel or even an australian one up structure…..It doesn’t actually matter, in my opinion.

What matters is…are there people making the type of money you deserve to make? Are there people making 10, 20, 30 or even 50 thousand a month after 2-5 years with the companies you’re investigating? Are there people making well beyond that who have been with the company longer? If there are, then know you can also make that kind of money if you partner with the right people, get busy and grow a business.

One thing to do is compare active income bonuses offered. Say for example it costs $1000 or even $1500 to start your Network Marketing business the right way, and one company offers a bonus of $100. You may think it’s a nice sum, right? And when you have a glance at another company’s bonus plan, they might be offering $300 or more. You see, in my opinion, as you begin your business a good company will offer good up front or active income while you’re working to develop long term passive (residual) income. Remember your company’s economic business model won’t be paying you passive income until the third month into your business (which most probably won’t be a lot). So you must be rewarded for being active with fast start bonuses and rank advancement bonuses. Just like in Corporate America…when you begin climbing the corporate ladder many companies offer a bonus and great salary increases. So if there is no bonus for advancing in status/rank, in my opinion, I would not look any further into that Network Marketing business model. I say this because at some point you will be spending more time assisting others with growing their enterprise rather than personally sponsoring yourself….and you must be rewarded for doing so!

It’s all about rewarding the people who work the hardest! Paying the producer right? I mean if you bring more customers or volume to a companies bottom line, shouldn’t you be rewarded accordingly? You bet you should!

Either way, at some specific point everybody on your team is going to run right out of people they know and they’ll have to get involved in marketing. Because Network Marketing is a thinking persons game. It’s all about selling. And selling, because there will marketing, costs money. And if you don’t have a marketing budget set aside, then developing it with active income will allow your Network Marketing business to have continued growth.

So think about the fast start and rank advancement bonus’s as in the bank money, that you can tap into at anytime. They are production bonuses! Just like the men who worked for me many years ago in the refinery got when production numbers were hit, based are goals. You should have volume numbers set by the company with rank advancement bonuses attached. Which will add to and seriously start your marketing or selling campaigns, which in turn will add to your success in the future. These active bonuses are very important so that you can continue to market your business. And the amount of these bonuses and commissions is extremely important to keep your business going.

One more thing…when comparing Network Marketing financial plans, understand what happens when you sponsor a person who goes out and develops a larger organization than you. Will you get paid reasonably for their efforts or, as in most binary programs, do you need to discover a 2nd heavy hitter to balance the effort to get paid.

Bottom line….when you have narrowed your search down to two or three Network Marketing companies, compare their financial rewards plans side by side. Pencil out the numbers and establish which best matches the revenue levels you deserve to achieve. One with a strong active and passive compensation in my opinion weighs the best. Where you can perhaps develop 6 figures in your first year just on the rank advancements, while developing your long term passive income.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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Home Based Business Marketing Secrets Guaranteed To Make You Money

There is one simple formula that you can put into place that will significantly increase your bottom line in a short amount of time. That formula is one of the marketing secrets most network marketers or home based business professionals never learn about. Here’s your chance to find out what they are and where you can go to learn more.

Are you having a hard time finding people to join your business? Are you tired of dealing with rejection and dead beats? Well, you’re not alone. Many people encounter situations such as yours. The problem is no one has taken the time out to show you how to market and this is a problem with most Home Based Businesses and Network Marketing companies. Skills in marketing are important because marketing is how we let people know that we have a business and what we can offer. So, where do you go to look for help so you can learn these marketing skill sets.

First, here is one of the Home Based Business marketing secrets you should know. You need some kind of Home Based Business marketing system in place to help you generate leads. If you don’t, then more than likely you are going to struggle in your business. Having such a system in place can not only help you to generate endless leads to help build your customer base and business partners, but it can also allow you to generate a very lucrative advertising income while you are building your home business.

Most online professionals don’t know any online marketing secrets to succeeding. Learn the same marketing secrets the top earners know and you can be where they are, On Top!

Why a system? Having a system can help you avoid having to deal with those dead beats, you know the type. The ones who say they want a business and then do little to nothing to build a business. Here is another one of the many Home Based Business marketing secrets you should know. To overcome the dead beat issue, you need to increase the number of leads per day. The reason is, marketing is a numbers game. The more leads you bring in per day, the better chance you have of marketing individuals who are serious about business.

Now, what do you look for in a Home Based Business marketing system? The following are a list of three vital elements a Home Based Business marketing system should have in place:

1. Trainings and tools to help you generate leads

You can’t build a customer base or distributorship without first inviting people to your presentation. The way you do this online is through capture pages and a system should provide a way for you to quickly get your capture pages up and show you how to market you capture page so that they are everywhere on the internet.

2. A means for you to build relationships with those leads

On the internet, there is a simple way in which to do this and it can be done automatically. Of course, the phone is still one of the best tools in which to build relationships, but the phone is used after someone has come through your system. Once a lead is in your marketing system, they are already familiar with who you are. These leads are now your warm market. There is no need to do cold calling. By stepping through your system, they have already expressed an interest in your offer and they have also given you permission to communicate with them. How powerful is that?

3. You should be provided a way to market to the leads you have generated

This is where you can generate an income that you can use to pay for your marketing. No more having to spend your own money on your marketing, which means no more staying broke. Everything is paid for. One of the best things about having the ability to market to your leads is the more leads you generate per day, the more money you can make. In fact, you can earn a very lucrative income by marketing to your leads.

Basically, these three elements are what the top earners do to generate their income. These are the Home Based Business marketing secrets you should learn and put into action in order to build a successful business.


Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
Office: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

Network Marketing Success, Internet Marketing Strategies, Profit Exploding Skill Set Mastery Training, Attraction Marketing Simplicities, Lead Generation

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