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Web Conferencing: So What’s The Big Deal?

With all the excitement surrounding my buddy Joel Therien’s introduction of his 3rd generation conferencing software at GVO Conference, you deserve to understand “The Big Deal” when it comes to online conference solutions. You also deserve to understand why YOU should be using and participating in this technology arena. Oh and my buddy Joel’s software is in 5 languages….English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian. Talk about getting it out there. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll get to embrace this technology and apply it to your specific needs.

Oh, and if you think I am bias because I am only sharing Joel’s with you, then you’re right. I have tried many of them and find GVO Conference to have the best ease of use and stability in the market. And the affordability is ridiculous. And in business, isn’t that what we all want?

Web conferencing is a new way of communicating online across distances, whether in personal or business applications. In business, one can assist companies answer the needs of their business in this day and age of ever expanding technology. For example; you can conduct meetings with partners, affiliates, executives, and even multiple departments as quick and easy as going online. Regardless of how far you are from each other, there is a way to check off projects, organize functions and seminars, facilitate training sessions, and sign off deals. With web conferencing, you’re sure to have that answer to your business needs at your fingertips.

The world of technology now allows business to expand their horizons. Previously communicating was difficult when distances between people grew. With web conferencing communication can be much more efficient. Executives can know how operations are going, managers can check the status of each project they’re handling, partners can determine how much their cash flow is in each undertaking, and your team members can organize their activities for the day with you. Timelines can be followed, targets can be met and deadlines acknowledged. Without web conferencing, it would be much more difficult to proceed and coordinate with each other, and pursue the objectives and goals of their business. Now that we have further technology providing such convenience, business is brisk, and is all alive and well, thanks to such offerings as web conferencing.

And Joel Therien’s at GVO Conference is one of the best!

Today businesses venture into online marketing and publicity to promote their products and services. Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales, and even Internet Marketing are no different. In the past marketing mediums were limited to print and broadcast media. Now channelling information is effortless and straightforward. Making complicated decisions is now easy and less daunting and data is now accessible no matter where you are in the globe. Web conferencing gives you that option and more. Contacting the important people involved in your business can take no less than five minutes to set up.

Selecting the web conferencing software that suits your needs is important. There are many web conferencing programs that recognize the features and specifications that many companies need to do business. Be it for a small organization or a large one such as a multinational company, there are web conferencing applications to match your needs. If it’s for a low-level interaction between group mates assigned to the same task, an assembly of members within an entire division, a managerial committee, or a board meeting, web conferences are a highly recommended option. No need to fly back or drive towards the branch office – you can just pull up a chair, grab a phone line or a working Internet connection, set up your web conferencing software, and connect immediately with your contacts.

At GVO Conference, it’s all done over the web. It’s incredibly affordable and it can support all sizes of meetings from 10 to over 1000 participants with NO Download required.

Plus a whole set of features in web conferencing software are made available to users. These include saving conference chat and video chat and presentations, file sharing, network connectivity, and video conferencing. PowerPoint presentations, sharing spreadsheets, modifying files across a network (desktop sharing), even reporting online can be done. Everyone can have access to important files. Presentations can easily be shown to all members in the conference. Invitations to a conference can be distributed across members of a group, by division or department, or to individual members of an organization. Minutes of meetings can now be easily noted down using the chat and audio logs as reference, and be sent across the members of a project, team, or group in a click of a button.

If you want to fully see the potentials of your business, then tap into this online resource and get web conferencing. A business that’s always connected makes customers and partners feel secure. Web conferencing truly helps companies pursue the core objectives of their business by staying connected and accessible to all their contacts. Don’t wait a single second or waste any moment – communicate right away through web conferencing. Business has never been this brisk with web conferencing.

You will surely see the gains and advantages of online web conferencing for your business. Exhibit the confidence of a reliable working environment no matter where you are located, and go online with your co-workers, affiliates and team members.

With web conferencing, there are less costs and more benefits which means higher profits. So go on and get connected through web conferencing today.

You deserve it!

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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Recruiting in Network Marketing

There really are many ways to recruit or prospect in Network Marketing. What I want to share with you in the post, is the right way to do it. The professional way. That will allow you to develop a long lasting partnership in your business.

When I first started in my Network Marketing career, I would let anyone join me in my mission to become successful. Was I right, or was I wrong?


In Network Marketing there really are two factors that are important. The company you select to work with and the products or services they have for you to market. You can’t change either of them. You have selected a specific company for a reason, and that is the company you will be building your Network Marketing business with, right? Of course you can have multiple income streams, or in other words multiple companies to work with (I suggest a maximum of 2 or 3). You can also have maybe only one company and perhaps a marketing system that allows you to generate income to grow your primary business. These are called funded marketing systems, or funnel systems.

Actually I am working on a complete system with some top marketers, so watch for it. Second Income Coach (SIC) will be turning some serious heads when it comes to funded proposals or so called funnel systems.

Now there is another important point that most newcomers and even the veteran Network Marketer forgets. You get to decide who you want to work with. Stop trying to sign up everyone you talk to. Find out who you are, and what kind of culture you want to develop in your business and in the people you want to work with. Develop an interview process that steps people through the right hoops and out the end as a qualified partner.

So let me get you started on some top ways to recruit or prospect for MLM!

Should you lie and tell people how easy it is to build a downline? All they have to do is to get 3 people…right? Should you continue to chase down friends and family and harass them to join your business, when they are totally disinterested?

There are many methods and techniques for recruiting and prospecting, and some of them really turn me off. But regardless of what you see the amateur marketers do, there are better ways to recruit and it can actually be fun.

First, the primary thing that you should keep in mind is to find individuals who are actively seeking the answers to a problem that you or your product solves. These people are called your target market. For you to get them, you must focus on a certain area called a niche. After you find out what they want, you place yourself in front of them as an expert using either online or offline methods.

The second consideration is to prepare your offer to your target market. Why should they buy from you? Your offer must be attention-grabbing and have the “what’s in it for me” factor so they will be so interested, that they will want to know more of what you have to offer. This will give them the incentive to take action, which in turn increases the bottom line….your income!

Third, have an effective follow-up system so that you can educate them more about your business or product. The more information that they possess, the less objections you will have when it’s time to close them on the sale.

Fourth, give the prospect social proof. This can come in any form, but the bottom line is that you must have an action plan that will secure their well being. Nothing in the world is better than showing someone the HOW TO. This demonstrates that you are an expert and will lead them to success. It will also answer any fear that they may have
about falling through the cracks and being left alone to struggle.

These are some of the top ways to recruit for your Network Marketing business. Keep them in mind and apply them for a more successful recruitment process.

Consistently recruiting hungry prospects into your business can be challenging at times. Everyone deserves to follow a mentor who has left a clear success path. Join my newsletter for strategies and training classes, that will take your income to the next level.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
Office: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online business builder and MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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12 Ideas for Your Online Marketing Plan in 2010

Wow I can’t believe another year has passed!

I took some well deserved time off, and now I am ready to get back to work.

2010 is about moving forward again…..:)

In life, in business, and in whatever deserves positive cange!

I want to reach out to everyone, and thank you all very much for relationshipping with me. I have created many new friendships in 2009 and look forward to creating more in 2010. Relationships and Friendships are so important in life and in business.

This past week our family went to Toronto to watch the Raptors beat the Detroit Pistons. It was a wonderful game. My family is big into basketball, especially the Toronto Raptors. My two children love the game and play it as much as they can! I shut off my cell phone and left the laptop turned off. It was a wonderful week of fun, being with family and shopping of course….right ladies?

Now it’s back to work….

So here’s to the new year! I want to wish you all the best year possible in 2010. It’s time to move forward again! It’s time to dream your biggest dream! Don’t hold back! Make 2010 your best year ever! To assist you with that, I have shared some ideas, or perhaps resolutions, for you to use as a Marketing Plan for 2010. And as always, I like to use 12’s. It’s my favorite number.

Is it a challenge to stick to just one New Year’s resolution? I mean think about that? The truth is, if these resolutions really meant something to us, deep down inside that created a sense of urgency or a fealing of being, then we would keep up with the changes and wouldn’t even have to wait until the new year to implement them! When it comes to your business, your commitments are key. Yes, we all know there are thousands of influences tugging at us every moment of every day and it can be difficult to truly focus. This new year, isn’t just a new year, 2010 represents the beginning of a new decade!

The beggining of 10 new years that can be the best 10 years of your life!

So now is the time! You must take a serious pause for thought and implement your New Year’s resolutions! For your business and personal life. Use my 12 ideas to get yourself thinking. I know it may hurt a little….but no pain no gain……:)

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