Why More People Aren’t Showing Up To Your Network Marketing Meetings

A frustrating thing happens to all network marketers is when you have several people who are suppose to show up to your local MLM meeting and none of them come! I remember getting incredibly frustrated at times because I would talk to these people on the phone and give them directions and make sure they knew when the meeting started and then they just never showed up!

I couldn’t believe how excited they would sound on the phone and then they wouldn’t show up and I would just be so baffled!

One thing I learned through all my frustration however is that it happens to pretty much everyone in the home based, party plan and network marketing arenas. I would see people who were much better marketers than me get stood up for meetings just as often as I would so I knew that it wasn’t about me personally. Still it can be frustrating and I wanted to cut back on the no shows as much as possible. So here are a couple tips that you can use to make sure more of your prospects show up for your local meetings.

Meet them beforehand

Instead of giving them the address and time of the meeting try meeting them a half hour before at a coffee shop or some place else. Give yourself a chance to meet them and let them meet you in a more relaxed environment. Coming into a meeting can be a little weird for some people. Having them meet you beforehand is more casual and they are more likely to come if they know it’s just going to be you. Then you can walk into the meeting together.

Call to confirm

If you set up an appointment earlier in the week make sure you call them the night before or even the afternoon of the meeting to make sure they’re still coming. That way you can know ahead of time if someone is planning on blowing you off. Also, your call will let them know that you care about them coming and it will make them feel important.

Give them a reason to come

Tell your prospect over the phone that you have someone who has a lot of experience in the business who you would love for them to meet if they come to the meeting. Introduce them to your business partner or someone who has had a lot of success and can answer their questions effectively. Sometimes letting them know that there is someone more knowledgeable than you at the meetings will encourage them to come because otherwise they might just want to play 20 questions with you on the phone.

The promise of someone else will peak their interest and they’re much more likely to show up.

I hope that these tips assist you to get more people to your local meetings therefore making you a whole lot more money! Good luck!


Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

2 Responses to Why More People Aren’t Showing Up To Your Network Marketing Meetings

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    Any guidance, or small amount of consultation you can provide, I believe is necessary to create more movement of these 1000 DVD’s!
    Many thanks,
    Lori Sugarman

  • Gerry Schroeder says:

    Hi Lori

    Thanks for the comment. We can definitely assist you.

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