Funded Proposal What Are They?

Funded Proposals are becoming more and more key elements when generating an income online in any business.

Let’s view an example of funded proposals in a traditional business sense. You saw an ad in the paper for a sale on milk. Your intention is to only buy milk. You go to the store and you end up buying other products, because you have to walk to the back of the store to get the milk. In the meantime you see your favorite fish, snacks, and other high price items you buy. It was the stores marketing strategy to give you a product below cost in hopes to have you buy other products with a high profit margin.

As a network marketer you must offer funded proposals to beat the competition. Without one you may run out of money before you make enough sales in your primary business. The top 3% of online marketers are leading with value…offering a low cost marketing tool to their list. A training program so to speak. Something people can start for FREE, and then later on actually upgrade. This will establish trust with their prospects before a business opportunity is presented. It also puts cash in the marketer’s pocket creating a bigger budget for marketing efforts.

And you know how most people require marketing capitol in Network Marketing. It’s so important.

The old school method was done without funded proposals. Most people that pitch their business opportunity fail. This is because no trust was established and the marketer spends more on advertising then income coming in. Remember there will be no network marketing business without network marketing business partners and customers coming in.

Funded proposals do help people make money. A huge need in online marketing is to show people how to make money. Most business opportunities talk about compensation plans. However, they do not teach you how to put cash in your pocket by effective advertising. I mean they don’t even teach you how to advertise or market at all.

These are the three most important requirements when building your network marketing business online.

  1. You must build a list by offering to assist people without selling them. Being a coach, mentor or partner so to speak.
  2. You must form relationships with the people on your list. By being available and at least mailing to them regularly.
  3. Assist them with generating a few bucks, utilizing the strategies of a funded proposal.
  4. Once they make a few bucks, they will be interested to know how to make more. And will inquire about what you do.

The moral is to always sell yourself, your team, your support and your marketing system first. NOT your business opportunity.


Happy Marketing,
Gerry Schroeder
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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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