How to Build a Prospecting Pipeline – It’s all about Sorting!

In the home based business arena, as with the oil industry, building your pipeline is critical. Although it’s your prospecting pipeline which is key here…..:)

Networking professionals must have a good pipeline of potential prospects and customers to call. Whom do you call? Where do you find those people? And, when you find them, what do you say?

Looking for people who may have an interest in doing business with you is called “sorting.” You’re sorting through people to find those who want to try your products, earn extra income, build a career in the networking marketing profession or secure an alternate retirement plan. Network marketing is not a “convincing” business. Serious Business Professionals in this industry are out in the community or online in social media looking for people whose needs they can fill with the products or opportunity they represent.

Did you get that??


Filling your prospecting pipeline becomes enjoyable once you understand that you are simply sorting. Prospecting can, and will be an adventure or a game once you understand it. Ask yourself questions that will help you identify how you will benefit others with your products and services. “Who can I help today….Whose life can I begin to change today….How can I serve the people in my community, What social site can I start relationshipping in?” Having this focused attitude, will allow you to be ready daily to build your pipeline of prospective customers, clients and even business builders.

The Easiest Questions

There are many techniques for building a prospecting pipeline. One of the simplest methods is found in the power of these seven words, “Can I give you my business card?” and then pausing. Wait for them to answer and give you permission, which is 99% of the time. The pause is powerful! When you’re checking out at the grocery store, waiting in line at the post office or airport, or paying your bill at a restaurant, just smile and say, “Can I give you my business card?”

Online in social sites, you may just ask….”If I give you a website, would you look at it?”

The interesting part of these simple marketing methods is people always ask, “What do you do?” And when they do ask, you must be ready with a simple one sentence reply that will create curiosity. People who are in the weight loss industry may say, “I help people lose weight and get in shape.” People in the skin care industry might reply, “I turn back the hands of time.” More business focused people may say, “I help people work less and make more,” or, “I party for a living,” or “I’m a second income coach.”

Whatever your response is….one of two things will happen. Your prospects may just say “thanks” and put the card in their pocket, or they may show interest in your products or your company. If they ask for more information, that’s when you get their business card or contact information, “I would love to tell you more about my business. Let me get your name and phone number, I’ll give you a call, does that sound fair?”

You can come home from running errands, lunch out or time at the fitness center with three to five good, solid leads. To remind yourself to ask these simple questions, put five business cards in your pocket and don’t return home until you have handed them all out.

And remember follow-Up is key!

The purpose of the follow-up phone call is to set up a time to meet with them for fifteen to twenty minutes to share some highlights or to just give them a website that captures their information with information for them to view, or invite them to a webinar or conference call. Let the system do the work. All you have to get good at is being a professional inviter.

Oh you don’t have a system? Then develop one. That’s what I do!

Now, there are many ways to be visible and build your prospecting pipeline. You must let your friends, neighbors, business associates, relatives and people in the community know you have something to share that will benefit them. Everything you do to advertise your business for potential partners or for new customers starts with you.

Do you have a firm handshake? A genuine smile? A positive attitude? A blog? Social Media sites?

Do you keep developing your skill set?

Are you confident in your products and in your opportunity, so you feel comfortable speaking at meetings and conferences?

Your number one mission in the network marketing, direct sales work from home arena is to find people who want to do business with you. Always be prepared by having well-designed, attractive business materials with you—and don’t be afraid to ask for business. You are in the sorting business.

Always be professional, by having a plan and knowing what you are going to say when you begin the conversation. And always follow-up with a phone call.

As in sports, your network marketing business is no difference. Practice makes perfect….or pretty darned close.


Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
Office: 705-524-1286

Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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