Secret to Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

In my opinion, the secret to building a successful network marketing business is to have a simple duplicatable system in place for everyone to win. The system must consist of a few simple actions that can be repeated consistently by a large number of people over a continuous period of time.

With this system you must be able to introduce your next-door neighbor exactly as you would someone half way around the world. With technology today a simple introduction for a prospect would be a webiste that captures their information and informs you they have taken that step and are viewing the information found behind that capture page. And once they have finished reviewing that tool the next step is to introduce them to one of your business partners on the phone (3rd party validation), then perhaps bring them to a webinar to see the group excitment or to a group conference call.

“For example, to introduce a friend of mine, I don’t sit down with them and give a two-hour presentation. I say something like, ‘I’m launching a new business I’m excited about. Are you interested in making money?’ If they say, yes, I say, Great! I’m going to send you a link to a website of mine. As soon as you’ve reviewed the information, I’m going to introduce you to my business partner on the phone, and that business partner can be local or long distance who validates everything which in turn does the same with me.


I’ll say something like….”I need your opinion on something….would you be open to grabbing a coffee and letting me run something by you….just some highlights about a company I’m pretty excited about….does that sound fair?” If they say, yes, I say, Great! “What day works best for you….Monday or Thursday?” Then I get a solid commitment and meet them for that coffee and run just some highlights by them, and then if they are interested in more information I’ll give them the link to a website or I will just continue.

I believe the simplicity of this process attracts people to want to do it themselves. That’s duplication!

Times have changed, it’s not as time-intensive as the traditional network marketing model, where people come home from work and then have to go back out and drive to a meeting. That’s what I love about it. People can get thier lives back.”

By using tools to do the initial work, you can use time more wisely and only invest your energy with people who show serious potential and commitment.

Building Your Network Marketing Business

Work ethic is a big piece of growing your Network Marketing business. The key is to not do everything for your partners. If someone calls or emails and asks for information, point them to a tool or to the company itself. Don’t feed them all the answer.

This is the culture you must develop. Your partners must understand exactly how you work, which will make them stronger. This way they will know what to do in each situation, because your firm on systems. Organizational culture is entirely built on the concept of using third-party resources. You can test and tweak a lot of prospecting and training tools to find what works best and what is most duplicable. And don’t just say you won’t use something until you try it. Then if it doesn’t work for you, find something or build something that does!

Network Marketing is a warm market business. By warm market, I mean not only family and friends, but anyone you come in contact with, such as the UPS guy or the lady behind the counter at the dry cleaners. Along with online Social Media sites you may be a part of. Remember your contacting people to sort and looking for those with large contact bases who can move your business forward.

Your contact list is always growing. It’s kind of a living, breathing list. If you’re truly excited about what you’re doing, you will naturally recognize who to share it with. Some networkers feel it’s more comfortable to talk to people they don’t know. That’s fine, although I’ve have found that if you really believe in your opportunity, you want to first tell the people you are already in contact with.

Something everyone must focus one is to be always be enrolling new partners into your network. The goal is to expose new people to the business every day, no matter where they are. Especially in today’s economy, there’s tons of people who would love for someone to offer them the opportunity to generate an additional income from home. The way to introduce it is by asking questions, being a good listener, and simply offering them this gift. It’s no sweat off your back if they say no. Our responsibility is just to offer it to them and let them make their own decision.

Sometimes we share our excitement with a contact, who just kind of joins. And the person isn’t fully engaged, and doesn’t see what we see. When we care about people, we have a tendency to want success for them more than they want it for themselves, and we spend time with the wrong people, instead of with the ones who really deserve it. Remember this is a business.

Also, the nature of our business includes some attrition….people leaving or just plain giving up! This is where your core team partners gets stronger because the ones who are truly dedicated are still there, and they’re not going anywhere. Once you understand this, you will no longer get discouraged when some people drop out, because you know you are building a secure, committed group and long term business.

Networking must become part of everything you do! And you must continue developing and empowering leaders, who in turn will duplicate the system.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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