Unicity International – The Home Based Business Choice in the Wellness Industry

Ok so here’s the deal….everyone in the home based business arena MUST have a Wellness tangible product based business. You can be making all the money in the world, however without your health what have you got?

In my opinion the Wellness Arena will just continue to get larger and larger. It’s what will continue to create millionaires in the future. And that wellness business better fall inside these 8 criteria, which I developed for myself and hope they assist you. I learned my lesson the hard way and after 8 long months of investigations, I don’t want you to!

How I found Unicity International from my 8 Criteria for the Wellness Industry…..

1. Must have a weight loss and energy drink component as part of their product line.

2. Must have a rank based economic plan. Very similar to corporate America wages and bonuses. As you advance your business you earn substantial one time cash incentives. Seed money for long term growth! Most companies don’t have anything like this!

3. Must have Science behind the product line. Like clinical trials and placebo testing done by the company and credible institutions. Like Stanford University and the Cleveland Clinic perhaps. Not just by going to places like pub-med and pub-org to research ingredients.

4. Must be a company with a global reach. With an office in each country and licensed in each country.

5. Must be a company at least 10 years old. No start ups or what if’s.

6. Must have a corporate team or owners who have previously worked in the field themselves and built a successful network marketing organization.

7. Must have the Ability to grow the business online and offline professionally with your own marketing tools and the company’s.

8. Must have a minimum global sales of 350 million per year.

These 8 criteria helped me evaluate over 130 Wellness based company’s, to find the true long term diamond in the rough…Unicity International!

Unicity International is a two decade old 350 million dollar global preventative health care company that is still a secret here in North America. And what blew me away is 30% of our Franchise Partners are physicians. Here’s a video I had Stewart Hughes, Unicity International’s CEO create for me. Stewart Hughes has become a friend and a mentor of mine and what he shares here is quite simply the best opportunity in the Wellness Industry.

For more information, just check out the “Work With Gerry” link at the top of my blog.

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

Skype: gerry.schroeder
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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

6 Responses to Unicity International – The Home Based Business Choice in the Wellness Industry

  • This is great advice for anyone looking at home based businesses, so many people are diving into the next new big thing and too many startups fail. I love that you want a company to be at least 10 years old, that way all the wrinkles have been ironed out. I’d add one thing to your list for my own peace of mind: A company should be debt free. Years and years ago I was with a company that was not forthcoming about the financial status. Turns out, even though they’d been around a while and seemed stable, they were 8 mil in debt and couldn’t climb out of it. Distributors weren’t getting paid and they even stopped making car payments!
    So, if a company says they are debt free, and fits all your other criteria then it’s a match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned! And if there’s natural products to help cholesterol then I’m happy! 5 years of managing Multiple Sclerosis without meds has me very excited to treat other illnesses naturally. I’ve always had high cholesterol and in an attempt to stay off statins I started using the Slim fiber supplement from Unicity. My total cholesterol dropped 16 points in 2 months. Life doesn’t get much better!!!
    Thank you Gerry, for giving me tools to teach people to become natural fat burning machines, lower blood glucose AND improve cholesterol… AND EARN A LIVING AS A STAY AT HOME MOM!
    Best Always,

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  • Gerry Schroeder says:


  • Gerry Schroeder says:


    Those are great words….and actually the debt free part is so true and actually part of my thinking for the last point. I am actually going to adjust it to actually say that. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Gerry Schroeder says:

    Amazing to say the least.

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