How To Motivate Someone When They Require It The Most

Being in the home based business industry….I’m sure you’ve heard it all before…..”Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone is always Waiting.” This holds true for most people…..and sometimes that one person with incredible potential (yes potentialitis) just requires a small yet positive push every once in a while.

Being a leader in this industry, you may at times find it difficult to motivate. And maybe you only have a team of a few people or perhaps you have a huge downline, either way as a leader there are going to be times when you know a team member is struggling and requires a good dose of motivation. So how do you motivate someone when they really need it?  The answer is in really knowing the person and finding out what matters to them.

Their WHY….or driving force.

As a leader one of the first things you must find out about a new team member when you begin working with them is why they are coming into the business. Do they deserve to become a stay at home mom or dad? Do they deserve to travel more? Are they stuck in a job that they hate? What exactly motivates them and why are they in the business to begin with? Once you know the person you’re dealing with and you really know what makes them tick and what gets them excited it will be much easier to motivate them (or keeping them focused on their goals). Without that prior knowledge you’ll just be grasping for anything that might work. Once you know that your new business partner wants to make money so that he/she can quit their job and work from home you have a huge amount of ammunition and you will know exactly how to motivate them towards success.

Whenever you’re talking to someone about what motivates them, make them be as specific as possible. Don’t just let them tell you that they want more money. Find out what they plan on using that money for. People don’t just want money for the sake of having money. They have an idea in mind about how they want to spend it and how it will change their life. Once you tap into that, you have instant motivation for each one of your team members.

By knowing your team members personally and finding out what really gets them excited you will be able to motivate them more easily and they will make more money which will in turn strengthen the team. So everybody wins.

Now that’s leverage!

Happy Marketing,

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