Do You Overcome or Just Give Up?

Waking up this morning and letting the dog out made me realize again (it’s nice to get those ball peen hammers right between the eyes every now and again) that no matter what….we must always overcome!

This is true in our professional lives and also true in our personal lives.

Living in the north, we don’t have all the big attractions that lager cities do….like huge malls, amusement parks etc. And Because of this, we have little travelling mid-ways that come through our city once or twice a year. Last night I took my daughter and one of her friends to enjoy the rides. While I was there, I kept getting all these stares, and realized it was because I was wearing shorts. Funny thing is I like to wear shorts all year long! I wear them in the house even in the cold winter. That’s just me……..and I guess because it was only a couple degrees outside Celsius about 30 or so degrees Fahrenheit, I got the looks.

Anyway, during the 4 hours or so that we were there I ran across some people I used to work with and who also used to work for me. It was quite refreshing to hear how disgruntled they were, and how unsure they were of their futures. Now I don’t mean to be non sympathetic, I say this to be clear.

You make your future! You determine your path! You create your retirement!

One of these gentlemen shared with me how poorly the bargaining was going between the local 6500 Union and Vale Inco. Oh….I forgot to mention there is a 10 month long strike here with Vale Inco in Sudbury, a large mining company, where there are over 3000 employees out of work because they chose to say no to all the contracts offered by the company. Am I on one side or the other? Nope! I just know that change has happened, change is happening and change will continue to happen! The challenge is…..many people dislike change and actually can’t change!

Not long ago gas was only 35 cents per litre here in Canada, that’s about $1.60 per gallon in the U.S.! Remember those days? What did we do when gas started to climb in price……we complained, we protested we even fought our governments. And now just a few short years later…’s what we pay at the pumps and we accept it. We may not like it, although we accept it.

The world is changing… is changing…..ways to develop income (secondary or primary) is changing. The days of the big corporations taking care of the employee and family for 30 years is gone. We must create our future! And everyone must look at additional income streams!

That’s why I am a serious promoter of the home based business industry, specifically Network Marketing….Internet Marketing….and Direct Sales.

So like the snow we received today, which I haven’t seen on May 7th for many years, is just confirmation to me that even the weather is changing.

So make that change! Overcome those challenges! And believe in yourself!

The decision is yours!

Happy Marketing,

Gerry Schroeder

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Gerry Schroeder is an expert online and offline MLM marketing coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He assists others with creating their true wealth working from the comfort of their home.

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2 Responses to Do You Overcome or Just Give Up?

  • Lawrence Wright says:

    With all the training from you guys, I am really enjoying working online Gerry! I appreciate every single thing you do for us my friend!!! Keep warm…..hoping that there will not be more snow! God bless you.

  • Vi Clark says:

    In addition to a fantastic course on Leadership, Internet Marketing and Communication an amazing Website!

    Much great information to study and strive to put into practice.

    Again, many, many, thank yous!

    PS ~ appreciate the unexpected humor in your presentations

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