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Why Do MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales Start Ups Do This?

Well I can tell you I have been on the end of a termination with a company. A termination that wasn’t warranted, and was completely false! So it’s still being fought! In the mean time, I did what was ethically right and morally correct. I waited out my one year before speaking to anyone in that company about anything I was doing. I actually spent 8 months researching the industry and looking for a home for the VERY last time.

I didn’t ask for money!

I didn’t ask for a contract!

And I didn’t give any company visions of grandeur of what I can do in this wonderful profession of Network Marketing!
You see, I am a Network Marketing Professional! I enjoy building people and watching them become successful. So why would a company like EPIC do what they are doing? In my opinion it’s to attract people to their company! Not for the business or the products, but just for the money! And in my opinion it’s plain wrong! What are your thought?

Breaking MLM News: Evolv Health Files Corporate Espionage Allegations And Receives TRO Against EPIC, eCosway, Glen Jenson And Others

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